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Sep 13
Douglas Locke replied to Gabriele's discussion Ouverture Mélancolique
"I guess it's partially due to my lack of any music education, which takes me ages to compose even few seconds of music, and partially to my legendary laziness :D
Wow, this sounds like me.  lol.  
You're doing great.  I too enjoy this kind of music. …"
Sep 13
Douglas Locke replied to Ali Riza SARAL's discussion There is a Reason 1min 57sec
"I would like to hear this with actual people singing.  There is no doubt the midi doesn't do it justice.  I like the base and drum remaining constand during the rising chords.  Nice effect. 
It seems you're writing something that might be performed…"
Sep 13
Douglas Locke replied to William Swan's discussion Fugue for Brass Band
" I'm not a fan of baroque, but this piece is airy, and fun.  Some of the chords you used were clever and gave it a little more listenability for me.  Like others, I can't say much about the genre as I don't listen to it much.  Sounds like a…"
Sep 13
Douglas Locke replied to Marvin Cripps's discussion Videos
" This isn't bad at all.  People don't really do music like this anymore, it seems.  Though it's not really in that style, the chords and lyrics remind me a little of something Pink Floyd might do with more electric guitar and sweeping…"
Sep 13
Douglas Locke replied to Alfred La Fleur's discussion Solitary carnival [1:58]
"Very nice.  Simple, but professional sounding, if a bit cliched (nothing wrong with that if you are doing it as a soundtrack).  Agreeing with Dane that it made me think of movies like Cinema Paradiso and Once Upon a Time In America (Morricone…"
Sep 13
Victor Eijkhout replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Cool piece. Very nice orchestration.
I'm sort of with Rowy in this: every 10 seconds sounds great, but every 10 seconds also seems to be a new idea. I'm not getting a sense of unity.
Also I wonder if you're not too much tempted to use the whole…"
Sep 3
Rowy van Hest replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"If I may offer you a little criticism, I wouldn't try to come up with something new in the orchestration every few bars or phrases. I also find the harmony a bit flat. Not much is happening.
The type of music you are trying to write requires a…"
Sep 2
Kjell Prytz replied to Douglas Locke's discussion Exercise - The Western Face.
"Certainly enjoyable. I like the speedy tempo and the rich instrumentation. I could not here much melody but the mood makes it beautiful and leaves a nice aftertaste. 
Well done.
Aug 23
Ali Riza SARAL replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Hi Douglas,
Excellent rendering (according to my hearing).
I noted the beginning carefully.  Wide open/spread parts both pitch and colourwise...
gives a beautiful feeling of space and sets the stage.  Then melody enters with close
accompaniment. …"
Aug 22
Douglas Locke replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Thanks, Ingo.  I wanted this one to be a little more listenable.  I think that was one of the things I was missing in the original suite.  It was clever.  It hit all the points.  But in the end, it wasn't fun to listen to.  "
Aug 22
Douglas Locke replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Thank you very much!  I agree that music tells a story.  Something I'm still getting used to with orchestration.  I always love to hear what people "see" when they listen.  It's always interesting.  "
Aug 22
Douglas Locke replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Good to hear your experiences.  I agree that rules and formulas can suck the ingenuity out of any creative work.  There is a balance there.  It would be nice to know when I hear that chord in my head, knowing what chord it is and what key it is in,…"
Aug 22
Douglas Locke posted a discussion
I've been trying to challenge myself lately.  Pick a theme/style/genre and try to write something within.   I always loved the "western" music.  As in cowboy movies.  So I wanted to try someting in that vein.  I think it's a little cliched in parts,…
Aug 22
Ingo Lee replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Very well done Douglas, good sound, development of themes, orchestration and dynamics, you have a good command of musical technique and materials.  This would be great for video but can stand alone also.  My own personal taste would want some more…"
Aug 21
Jos Wylin replied to Douglas Locke's discussion The Wolf King
"Wonderful score and rich in variation, unpredictable harmonies and rhythms and still easy to listen too. It has something filmish and narrative, which I always like. Music has to tell something, I consider it as a form of communication.
Thanks for…"
Aug 17

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