David Naranjo replied to Dankk's discussion might as well toss this one in the pit....
"As for today, from all the themes youv'e done, this is my favourite, adventurous! lov it! You have this on a movie or something ?
Dec 9, 2011
David Naranjo replied to Adrian Allan's discussion Can Drugs aid the process of composition ?
"OP very nice question.
Brain produces a lot of drugs, i would take that as a lead, emotions can trigger'em.
Sep 13, 2011
David Naranjo replied to Spiros Makris's discussion "waltz of the wishes", something from back in 2008...
"Great work Spiros,Nothing like recalling nice good times huh! music's the best blog ever."
Sep 12, 2011
David Naranjo left a comment for David Naranjo
"I'm glad you liked these projects :)"
Oct 25, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for Bill Ricci
"Deep, quiteness, full of positiveness, energizing & joyful! great work, Bill!"
Oct 25, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for David Naranjo
"That is very kind of you H. Archibald! thank you very much! there's plenty of work to do tho! I hope to take some time to get it done and continue with the II part of the website's saga.
Jun 8, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for David Naranjo
Jun 3, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for Tudor Tulok
"Here you go buddy: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CRD10BF4
Jun 3, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for David Naranjo
"Hi there Hansani, check this link - thanks!"
May 13, 2010
David Naranjo replied to Jean Paul Zoghbi's discussion An Orchestral instrumental - "Here at Last"
"Awesome track, very entertaining & positive.
I think you made a fantastic job putting it all together,
no technical complains in the composition nor orchestration, others that work this genre might have more comments on that.
on the production side,…"
May 11, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for Jean Paul Zoghbi
"Jean Paul, amazing projects you have. masterfully done, enjoyed them all!
Best Regards,"
May 11, 2010
David Naranjo commented on Jean Paul Zoghbi's blog post Inspiration - Where does it come from?
"There is, however, upon your definition, several other levels of inspiration that can make, lets say, somebody from group 1, to compose things that only group 2 does and vice-versa. Is true that life and experiences are a start point, but cannot be…"
May 11, 2010
David Naranjo commented on Jean Paul Zoghbi's blog post Inspiration - Where does it come from?
"@ Jean Paul Zoghbi; magnificent definition.
Not much to add, maybe that with the years, what you called to be from above was originally within.
Best Regards,"
May 10, 2010
David Naranjo commented on Alya Maghakyan's blog post Quantize or not quantize? (grooves, humanize, swing)
"And what do you guys think about Latency.

May 8, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for Sukhpal Darshan
"Very nice production and performances Sukhpal !! keep it up the good work!
Best Regards,"
May 7, 2010
David Naranjo left a comment for Tze
"What a fantastic work you do Tze! brilliant !! loved each one of your tracks !! masterfully done!
May 4, 2010

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  • Hello mate, apart from trouble with my legs. I've been wrestling with two notation programmes. Nice sounds, by the way.
  • Dear David,
    Thank for your nice comments and thanks for your appreciation for my music.
    Listen to your tracks as well and like them a lot. Keep up this good work. What liraries did you use?

    All my best
  • NIce Stuff, David. Way to go!

  • Ok, Finally had a chance, download full HQ on my website
  • Hi there everyone! I'm still busy busy in a thousand things related arts but still no time for my own music unfortunately, I'm always around it tho, hopefully will have some time soon to prepare some tracks for uploading ! - wish you the best!
  • Hey Xcid, it's Cody. I'm sorry I've not been on for a while. I was at my parent's house where the internet connection goes in and out and I couldn't access my comments page. I'm doing well, though I'm very busy in summer classes at the university. I'm also writing music for a dark comedy for use at Wutjealous Films. How are you doing?
  • Listened to the silence melody - very realistic piano sound. You must have some good libraries. Also I admire your drums - something I need to learn much more about.
  • Thanks for listening. I really enjoyed listening to your tracks. I like the moody quality you constructed.
  • Thank you for your good suggestions Tudor :)
  • Hey Xcid, I seem to be doing alright. I have just had my choir work judged by the juries at Cal State and it didn't go over too well. But, just wait until fall. I'll knock their socks off with my band piece. I've also been desperately looking for more opportunities to showcase my other songs that have nothing to do with concert music. I have so many questions to ask about getting my works published and heard. I just don't know who to ask or where to get my start. Otherwise, I've used this summer break to get two new works started. I just want these to be performed somehow. How are you doing?
This reply was deleted.