Daniel Monge replied to Boris Segerståhl's discussion Midi orchestration by Gilreath
"Keep us updated about "midi orchestration".
That could be interesting.
hope it's not too hard to be back in the real world.

daniel monge"
May 30, 2010
Daniel Monge left a comment for Calle Edlund
"Sorry, fougue espagnole is for a show that hasn't been released yet...
So I don't want to release copies yet."
May 30, 2010
Daniel Monge left a comment for 194euwlb0epmn
"Hi Laura,
I'm in your situation, 6 month ago,
I thinking of getting Kontakt 4, but like you said it's a big and pricey decision.
I just wanted to know if you were still happy with it ?
And Have you bough other things since ?
Thank you
Daniel Monge"
May 27, 2010
Daniel Monge left a comment for Calle Edlund
"Yep ! let me know when the guitar mic and vocals have been used,
I'll be happy to listen to the change."
May 26, 2010
Daniel Monge left a comment for Daniel Calvo Rodrigues
"I agree, it's very cool!
It sometimes sounds like the drum is not quite in sink in violin madness.
You could maybe also play a little bit more with the Pan, so the overall sound could be clearer, but still heavy.
but again, very cool, and I'm not a…"
May 24, 2010
Daniel Monge left a comment for Calle Edlund
"HI! For what I've heard, it sounds like your music pieces should be songs.
Really like the Melancholy passage between 3'05 - 3'25 !
The melodies are usually fun, and if someone was singing them, I think it could be cool!
So, like Rachel said: do you…"
May 24, 2010

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  • ok I see
  • yes I'll let you know but count with 3 or 4 months until anything comes.
    ps. can I download fougue espagnole somewhere?
  • Hi Daniel - I did end up getting Kontakt Complete which was a pretty good price for a package. However, I haven't gotten far enough into it to be of much help. I teach, etc. And not very tech savvy.

    If you have Logic - the East/West Gold Symphony sounds are good. I found this VI for $425 US. Which is a good price. (You need to buy an iLok). So if you're looking for Symphony sounds a step above Garriton I suggest this. The Platinum version is more expensive but I think the Gold is good to start - then there are so many......

    Kontakt Complete has some effects which are cool if you're into using some guitar and ambient sounds. It will also work as a stand alone and you can import Gold Symphony into it.
  • No I have no lyrics :(
    But I'm starting to think about it. Soon I'll buy a mic for recording guitar. Let's see if I can try some vocals too XD
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