Colin left a comment for Sean McGee
"Thanks Sean... I really love the motif for Haunted London...
Oct 23, 2009
Colin left a comment for Shad Young
"Cheers... Sounds great... Very inspiring...
Sep 28, 2009
Colin left a comment for Andrew Wonders
"Thank you Andrew,
I am a fan of Switched Tickets... Very inspiring arrangement
Sep 26, 2009
Colin left a comment for Deborah Young
"I wrote it for my girlfriend. I was taking a walk with her and this is what I heard... She is mentally, very busy.
I wrote it verbatim when I got home...."
Sep 2, 2009
Colin left a comment for Deborah Young
"Deborah, you have a wonderful voice. I especially love "Elated".
The arrangement is quite effective and supports your voice quite well.
It was a pleasure to hear your music."
Sep 1, 2009
Colin left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"American Songs...
Very pretty... Very uplifting...
What are you using for samples? I would recommend something from East West that would live up to this beautiful piece of music."
Sep 1, 2009
Colin left a comment for Sean James Darcy
"Sean, you are very kind. I am in an airport right now, but I look forward to hearing your music when I get the opportunity.
Thanks again,
Jun 14, 2009
Colin left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Thanks Fredrick,
It is always an honour to receive a compliment from one of your peers.
I look forward to hearing your music, when I get home.
Thank you,
May 25, 2009

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  • Great work Colin! Your ecclectic style is entirely enjoyable. Waltzing Medusi and Creditor are my favorites. Thank you sir.
  • Hey there!
    You have a certain 'cool' that I really like!
    Very diverse arragements and fab production ;)
    Keep me posted on any new tracks ;)
  • I am blown away by the talent in here, and in particular your music. I am really going to have to up my game if I don't want to embarrass myself. :)
  • Your music is very impressive and inspiring. I like the wide variety of styles and instrumentation you use. It sounds as though a lot of your instruments are recorded live (the guitar on Requiem, and the cello on Waltzing Medusi in particular)? Also, I'm utterly in love with the piano melody on "Whirling Devils"!
  • I found your Creditor piano line very interesting...have you ever explore it into a solid piano piece?
  • Thanks, Colin. My challenge now is to learn production (at least well enough to attract potential collaborators). I'm working on instrumentals right now. Trying to make sense of production basics (compression, EQ, limiters, levels--everything!). At first, I backed off from production as scary. Now I'm come to see it as another part of my art.

    I'm listening to Kamilla's Wheels... Did you compose this for a game? For animated film? I like it.
  • I discovered you on the discussion board (the Oscar discussion). The songs on my page don't fully represent what I do, but it's a start. Right now I'm enjoying your requiem. Hope we get a chance to talk here.
  • Your music is awesome! You're very talented!

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