Clive Lukover commented on Thomas Van Beeck's blog post Forum Composium review
"You are so right. The composium was awesome and I met such nice people there. So much useful information and hopefully made a lot of new friends. I havn't stopped listening to everyones music. So much talent out there."
Oct 22, 2010
Clive Lukover left a comment for Marie-Anne Fischer
"Thank you. I think it helps so much to use real strings combined with sampled ones. I use a really good local violinist and layer all the parts. Id like to do more pieces like that when I get the time. Im sorry I didn't get to the concert for care…"
Oct 21, 2010
Clive Lukover left a comment for miketorr
"By the way Im in Poole, not that far from you."
Oct 20, 2010
Clive Lukover left a comment for miketorr
"Thanks Mike. Great to hook up with you too. I used real violins on that as well as sampled ones. I think thats a good mixture. I love your track Snow Pilgrim. Very interesting percussion and vocals. What did you use for that?"
Oct 20, 2010
Clive Lukover left a comment for Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]
"Thanks for your comments. Look forward to seeing you next week."
Oct 8, 2010
Clive Lukover left a comment for Leslie Quarcoopome
"Thanks for the reply. Look forward to meeting you there."
Sep 15, 2010
Clive Lukover posted a video
A Montage of various short films that I have worked on.
Aug 19, 2010

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  • Thanks for add Clive. I had a listen right now to your music and enjoyed it very much. I am studying orchestration with sibelius 6 and loop but i can't mixing.
  • Hi Clive,
    It was lovely to meet you at the Composium! I am busy listening to your music and very much enjoying every track. There is so much emotion in ‘Ode to the Forgotten’, the violin sounds beautiful and really struck a chord with me. Every track took me on another great journey. Beautiful and imaginative music, I will certainly be back for more!
  • I thought there were real strings in there. Always helps, doesn't it? Thanks for your comments on Snow Pilgrim. It's a blend of different percussion libraries, but the main loop is from Adrenaline I think, and there's Storm Drum 2 in there as well. The vocals are Tonehammer Forgotten Voices (Cait) sent through Cubase's REVerence plugin with a reverse reverb patch. Actually there are some other Tonehammer samples in there as well, from their various unusual sound effect libs.

    I, too, noticed that we were neighbours! :) I don't go down to Dorset much, though my accountant is based in Bournemouth so maybe an occasional visit. Maybe we could meet up one day for a chat.
  • Hi Clive, great to know you, and thanks for hooking up on here - enjoying your music! Ode To The Forgotten has a really nice production quality to it.
  • Hello Clive, I had a listen right now to your music and enjoyed it very much. I love the oriental atmosphere of your thief in the Kasbah. We'll meet in London next week... Cheers, Rudi
  • Hey Clive, thanks for the invite and very happy to make the connection. So yeah, do come to Composium. It is great fun. I sadly missed the last one and so the plan is to rectify that this time. I'm on a Flash-less mobile device right now so cannot listen to your music player but looking forward to checking it out. 
    Thanks again,L
  • Or even "my" friend :) the joys of phone keyboards :)
  • Hey by friend nice to see you here too :)
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