What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?

Film, Television, Web, Multimedia, Choir, Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Big Ensemble, Songs, Contemporary Ensembles

What is your favorite genre or style of music?

Industrial, Classical

Is music your main income source?


Where do you live?


About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.

Brad Athouse is a pianist, teacher, sound artist, audio engineer and composer for several commercial and artistic mediums. Mr. Althouse’s music ranges genres from classical piano to industrial sound-scapes. He is equally at home composing for raw dramatic material, as well as modern day zombie films. While music production today has gone nearly all digital, Mr. Althouse continues to make extensive use of live instruments, analog tape machines and outboard effects. A proficient percussionist, guitarist, classical thereminist and analog synth enthusiast, his music has a much “grittier” aesthetic than most modern compositions. As a pianist, Brad Althouse performs both solo and with ensemble groups. He is an active adjudicator, and teaches both piano and guitar in his home studio.