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film, television, multimedia, Choir, Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Big Ensemble, Contemporary Ensembles

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It's so hard to choose just one.

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North Hollywood, CA

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Beata Brandt studied music at California State University, Long Beach, where she earned a degree in music composition. Her interest in composition grew out of a love of the great variety of sounds and textures that brings music into being. While attending CSULB, she also studied piano, voice, and conducting. Beata has performed in the dance piece, The Evil Garden, by Erin Mitchell. The CSULB Studio Orchestra and University String Quartet have performed her compositions. Percussionist, Dave Gerhart, has performed her timpani solo, Flights of Fancy, a work he commissioned. As a member of the CSULB University Choir, she has sung with the Long Beach Symphony, Long Beach Camerata Singers, Pacific Symphony, and Pasadena Pops Orchestra, and recorded for World of Warcraft III. She has also played the piano in the studio orchestra under the baton of Tim Simonec (Diary of Anne Frank, Lost, Alias, The Incredibles, Ratatouille), and recorded for student films. Piano performances include chamber music, piano ensemble, accompanying, and student recitals. Beata has played the piano, harpsichord, or celesta as a member of Collegium Musicum, Studio Orchestra, and New Music Ensemble. Beata has worked as a vocal coach, and church music director. She has appeared in the music video "Outside" for the band Kill the Complex. Beata most recently took part in a one on one mentoring session with renowned film and concert music composer, Bruce Broughton at the ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo, where he reviewed her film music compositions. Beata has played for performances of musicals such as Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, My Fair Lady and West Side Story. Besides studying classical guitar, she has accompanied many vocal and instrumental soloists and several choirs. As a composition major, Beata has been awarded the Paul C. Lindsey Memorial Scholarship and the Music Department Talent Scholarship in Music Composition. She has chaired the CSULB College of the Arts (COTA) Student Council and CSULB Composers Guild. As an officer in the Composers Guild, Beata coordinated two concerts of composition students’ works. As chair of the College of the Arts Council, she oversaw the inaugural COTA student and faculty mixer. She is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society, and Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternity. Beata speaks Polish and Spanish, and can sing in Polish, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Italian, and German. Beata currently accompanies several community choruses, and teaches voice and piano. She continues to perform contemporary and classical works as a pianist, accompanist, vocalist, and conductor. Beata lives in the Los Angeles area, and is open for projects in film music, concert music, dance, or piano and vocal performance.



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  • Dear Beata.

    Dunno if I have any right to say anything because I'm still learning how to mix, let alone write proper music, and my stuff is only New Age anyway. I haven't put many up here because I can't mix the darned things well enough yet and I can't afford to pay anyone to do it for me, but however. 

    I love women composers, they're a wonderful antidote to all these Men who stride through clouds on their egoes' stilts, permanently overwhelmed by their ability to put backing to a melody. Women composers have a lovely, whimsical effortlessness to their works, it's as simple as breathing for them. Your pieces are full of gentle humour. Thankyou for them. 

    I noticed one of the other guys commented on your sample library.  Now this is the point when a non-starter - me - makes one small suggestion to a lady who's been collecting the T-shirts for years. So, temerity on my part - yes.  I think you just need a bit of reverb in places. Every sound's bone dry and you can hear the edges. I can't afford to buy samples, I just use soundfonts and legit. downloads but I've discovered a wash of reverb covers a multitude of sins!

    There IS one plug-in floating around if you'd like to download it that could be interesting - Edirol Orchestral. I use it all the time and they used to write filmscores with it, back in the day. You have to download it free because it's been discontinued by the company who used to make it - why, I know not. You'll love its strings for backgrounds, it's got a great, soft, lush piano and most of the other instruments (apart from the tortured mouse solo violin) are good too.  But I don't see anything wrong, really, with your samples - they're just a little dry for my taste.

    Maybe I've been listening to New Age too long. Who knows? BTW - my fave. New Agers are ladies, Suzanne Doucet, Constance Demby (checkout Novus Magnificat - jaw-dropping!) and Marie Josie de Souza. Brazilian, light as an angel, her music a salving rain of sounds.

    And of course the incomparable Angela Morley. Tragic loss. I can't buy her CD's over here, not that I can find, but I DO have Kehaar's Theme, which I play constantly when I'm feeling down. 

    I think I'll be playing your music now, too. 

    Thanks for reading this.

    Yours respectfully



  • Very dramatic ! Loved your tracks !
  • so emotional, high intelectual, i'm sure!
  • hi back! already I hear your music! you have a lot of music fantasy, very good worshop! continue it! i think, you must have a better sample libraries.. very good! nice! sounds like of female!
  • hi! I'm so glad that I found your profile after a long time I used to seek it:)
    what tio say, you are probably a 'big star' already in hollywood's music-stage (if I'm right by reading your profile..)..hm, I'm only a 'small fish' , workin' with singing-children and teens, composing something, rather for me than for a market, playing on weddings and tourists 'round my place, nothing big. but, be my music friend! write about ev'rything and teach me your English, please!
    I uploaded a newest composition yesterday, called "the jungle". It' not finished yet, only a sample/demo. I'd like to go in this direction in the future/you know: samplers with ethnics sounds, few orchestrations etc/.it's my best dream to working for TV or even small project around the world maybe anytime...
    many greetings from poland, my country. i'm waiting for an answer as soon as You can!
  • welcome to the forum...I like the minimalist piano piece...
  • Hello Beata! Glad to have you here. Can't wait to hear some of your music!
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