Asevenc left a comment for 16efuay6sv7vq
"That's cool ! I'll be eagerly waiting for it !"
May 21, 2010
Asevenc left a comment for 16efuay6sv7vq
"You're very welcome ! It's very interesting to know that you performed in Delhi ! Do you, by any chance have a website or so where I can get more of you music ? Mine's
I was also looking at your photo gallery here. Very bright, vivid…"
May 20, 2010
Asevenc posted photos
May 16, 2010
Asevenc left a comment for 16efuay6sv7vq
"Thanks for accepting my request. Thank you for giving my music your ears. And I have sent you a message regarding your concerto. Is there any place where I can listen to more of your music ? Cuz I loved "Easterns Call". Very soulful !"
May 16, 2010
Asevenc left a comment for Ario
"Hey ! Thanks for the request !
I loved 'swelling madness' and liked 'piano'.
You have an interesting and straight forward style of music (from the 4 tracks here I gather !).
So what's your story ?"
Jan 17, 2010
Asevenc left a comment for miketorr
"I am extremely glad for it's releasing and your singing in it. Please do let me know, I'll be waiting to hear the mastered version !
And all the best for 2010 and beyond !"
Dec 24, 2009
Asevenc replied to Asevenc's discussion I See You
"Thanks Miguel for going through the track. I wouldn't put excuses, I'm really bad after the initial burst of an idea. I somehow get stuck with a particular tune most of the times, and can't seem to get out of it. On the other hand, I often get…"
Dec 24, 2009
Miguel Marquez replied to Asevenc's discussion I See You
"The piano was very good, but the strings ruined the whole thing. I am sorry but playing the same melody in octaves is not a very smart orchestration trick. Besides, the melody is predictable.

For a fan of disturbing ,dark music, this was…"
Dec 23, 2009
Asevenc replied to Asevenc's discussion I See You
"Thank you so much Jonathon, for listening to my piece so intently. I'm honoured.
Merry Christmas to you too !
I've to rush now, or I'd have kept babbling about the piece.
Keep in touch !

Jonathan said:I agree with Thomas disturbing! Its wonderful,…"
Dec 23, 2009
Jonathan White replied to Asevenc's discussion I See You
"I agree with Thomas disturbing! Its wonderful, I think the piano was the perfect instrument to have started the mood off. I also like the use of the piano taking the melody from the strings really quick with a passage. Very scary, mysterious…"
Dec 23, 2009
Asevenc left a comment for miketorr
"I can't imagine it sounding better on anyone else. Are you sure you don't wanna sing it ?"
Dec 21, 2009
Asevenc left a comment for miketorr
"Listening to 'Shed' again !"
Dec 18, 2009
Asevenc left a comment for Joshua John Fanene
"Love the 'noise' percussion in 1961. Very dizzy, very ditty !"
Dec 17, 2009
Asevenc left a comment for Joshua John Fanene
"Love the 'noise' percussion in 1961. Very dizzy, very ditty !"
Dec 16, 2009
Asevenc left a comment for Jeremiah Pena
"You have some really intense stuff in here. Very meaningful music (if that means something to you !).
I loved 'defeat', Loved the "story" behind 'the snail and the log', and the concept behind "reverse".
Great work ! Great sounds ! Will be waiting…"
Dec 16, 2009
Asevenc left a comment for Yaiza Varona
"Hi !
I like most of your music. Honestly. Just that I am a wasted describer. I suck at describing.
But I loved CBA so musch that I just had to comment.
Thanks for liking Pia II. Even I am font of Indian classical, but never had the chance of…"
Dec 16, 2009

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  • Do you do photography, as well as music?

    I mean... are the photos above by yourself?

    Very enjoyable... partially, very artistic!
    (Some of them seem like little experiments... the casual macros)

  • Hi, yes I do have a website but i'm getting it updated so it isn't live. My music, art, facebook, twitter, myspace is all on there. I'll put a post up when it's live!! ;) N
  • Hi Asevenc, Thank-you for you comment! :) The eastern call was written for a theater concert in Dehli years ago when I first started out. I will post some of my most recent music on my profile soon. I am producing some of my new chamber works this summer- I will keep you posted. I really did enjoy your music and will look out for more of your stuff. Many thanks for your mail about the traditional ensemble. It is lovely to get opinions from music composers on the 'inside'. ;) Thanks again! N
  • Greetings Asevenc! Thank-you for the add! Really enjoying your soundtracks & it is very interesting to hear your fusion styles and the contrasting genres that you incorporate with your traditional instruments and the folk harmonies! I'd love to hear more about your work. I would love to read your response to my 'world composers' group mail if you get a chance. Many thanks! N
  • Oh it's all mastered, so my voice will remain on it! Actually there are other tracks where my singing is less successful, so that's part of my reason for hesitation. It's certainly too late to get someone else in anyway. :) Expect to see it released (if that's the word) in early 2010!
  • Hi Asevenc. I like your music - you have a unique sound and it's fascinating. Nice rhythmic elements to a lot of it as well, and often unexpected sounds. Great stuff! Glad you are still enjoying "Shed". It will be on an album in 2010 if I get cracking with the distribution stuff. It's all mastered and ready to go but I'm procrastinating on it because I don't like my own singing voice. You know how it is...
  • Hi Asevenc, thanks very much!
    Yes you are right...this is just the way coffee aroma sounds inside my mind, if this has any sense to you! (and I am a major Tea drinker!) I added a bit of an explanation for each track in case you want to take a look.
    I have just listened to Pia (couple of times to tell the truth) I like it! Actually anything that timbrically recalls Indian classical sounds just calls my attention. It is very dinamic and moving, also like the bass line. Very much enjoyed!
  • Hello Asevenc, many thanks for your comments, I've always been influenced by film music and 60's/70's television themes and groups like the Doors and Air - so it's a diverse mix of influences.

    I really liked "I See You" I was thinking listening to it, how cinematic and dramatic is it before I read it's for a short film. Freedom is excellent too, nice mix of piano and percussion and atmosphere, and in a similar vein too Smitten. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed Aaj Kaaj Nei is it has a hint of Air around the time of 10,000hz Legend - which is one my favourite and most influential albums.

    Look forward to hearing more of your music in the future.
  • You asked me who or what inspires me. I guess my answer to that is I have always been drawn to beautiful melodies in just about any genre. I listen to everybody and kind of put it in my own style. I try to think of what mood I want to convey and then write and rewrite until I am satisfied that I have caputred that idea.
  • Hello Asevenc!

    Thanks for the comments on my music. I have also started listening to your pieces as well. I really like what you do with Freedom. I haven't listened to all of the songs yet, but I am very impressed with the interesting dissonance in many of your songs. Bravo!! By the way, Lacrymosa is one of my favorite pieces by Mozart. I also had the priviledge of conducting it in college. What a blast. Your interpretation would have impressed Mr. Mozart.
This reply was deleted.