Art Hughes replied to Jeremiah Edward's discussion Breaking the Ostinato habit- Help with compostitoin
"Here is a technique I sometimes use with a DAW to break out of an ostinato rut... negative space. In the DAW, I will lay many random tracks of random lines in random meters on the score layout ( I use Fruity Loops, way fun, way easy). Then sit back,…"
Jan 19, 2012
Art Hughes left a comment for Pasquale Citera
"Pasquale, I was listening to your work while on Perfect combination. There are interesting musicologists here. Check them out. Setup for outstanding collaborations with your electroacoustic genius.
Jan 18, 2012
Art Hughes left a comment for Julie Harris
"Welcome Julie, OK. I'm a fan. Your performance on these pieces sounds improvised but you must have scored these, right? So if you scored them, your flow is superb. If you performed these improv, your precision is doubly superb. Either way, I was…"
Dec 16, 2011
Art Hughes left a comment for Charlotte van Gemeren
"Hi Charlotte, Welcome to the forum. Listening to your work probably reminds many of us here of where we were musically when we were your age. Simplistic innocence.The people here are excellent and will be more than willing to offer assistance share…"
Dec 11, 2011
Art Hughes replied to Pl511's discussion Help with composition?
"Hi PI511,
Do you have any visualizations? Are you shooting for atmospherics, emo, characterizations?  Contrast? What would the music video be ;) Glad to offer creative suggestions. The piece sounds little 'stuck' in conventional diatonic and…"
Nov 13, 2011
Art Hughes left a comment for Daniel Beijbom
"Reallly, what were you thinking? ;) Must be the nicotine/caffeine-fueled neurons, unsupervised and unleashed. Good work here. "Ah Hah" moments in each piece. Very original but could even be more so. Sounds like rhythms in a composition are one of…"
Sep 8, 2011
Art Hughes replied to Serena Alexander's discussion Advice for Songwriting
"Hi Serena, Congrats on your nomination! Polishing..... IMHO: Less may be better here. Sometimes a soulful personal performance with a song you connect with is 10x better than a production piece. I can hear a simple vocal/piano arrangement that let's…"
Sep 7, 2011
Art Hughes left a comment for Marie-Anne Fischer
"Hola Marie-Anne, found your site by acci-way. Totally into ME/N Africa rhythms and disparate instruments mash-ups. Māori rocks! Your use of contrast is very diametric, no cross-pollination. You also capture those gritty string resonances which I…"
Aug 29, 2011
Art Hughes replied to David Stowell's discussion And then, the 6:47 chimes went crazy - for orchestra
"Excellent. Listening to this I was transported to a 60's British thriller. You captured the essence of that genre for me. I'm impressed of the level of expression you're able to obtain with Sibelius. I'm now thinking of picking up 7.0 and switching…"
Aug 27, 2011
Art Hughes left a comment for Yaiza Varona
"OK, I'm all about Gomyra. All your work is refreshing, fearless, alive and way fun. The more left turns you take the more the listener is pulled in. The mash-ups work for me. Give me a 7/8 @140bpm with a pumping didgeridoo, lilting shakuhachi and…"
Aug 27, 2011
Art Hughes commented on Achazia's blog post New song: Narmeleth's dream
"Achazia, Why are you holding back?
2:23 your vocal opened up a little and it sounded deep and rich. Use it. 
Try de-essing to control the sibilance. The verb is too saturated on the lead vocal and it loses presence. Would have loved more…"
Aug 27, 2011
Art Hughes left a comment for Beth Patterson
"Hi Beth, Thanks for the kind words. Yep, you will definitely enjoy better samples with more control over expression. (It's hard to do emo pieces with Finale.) Debut Score 3 has good lines and form. Nice and interesting interplay. It breathes. It…"
May 3, 2011
Art Hughes left a comment for Achazia
"meadowbreeze14 - Wonderous Stories, Enya... You are a natural. You got harmony, structure, inner voice chops. The piece accomplishes what it set out to do. The energy is unlocked and flows through, simple and pure. No more and no less. Well done."
May 3, 2011
Art Hughes replied to Art Hughes's discussion The Muggle Commute
"Hi Tyler,
Thanks for the listen and review. It means alot. I hope someday to be able to get Finale dialed in with EWQL libs to the point where I can just score, but for now, with FL, I have to export the midi and then edit the expressions et al."
Apr 18, 2011
Tyler Hughes replied to Art Hughes's discussion The Muggle Commute
"Very well written piece, loved the harmonic language and your use of rhythm to imitate the sounds of traffic. The contrast between chaotic moments and peaceful ones was very good as well. So far I have no critics other then very good job. I hope you…"
Apr 13, 2011
Art Hughes replied to Lennart Östman's discussion What to do with the inspiration
"Hi Lennart, yes, I often intially record without a clicktrack. I work with the EWQL libs and I found that I wanted to adjust the timing of the notes so as to get more expression with the attack or release of the sample (leading/lagging the energy of…"
Apr 11, 2011

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  • Thanks, Art, but that's not me playing on these recordings!   As I listed in the credits, I composed these three pieces and concert pianist Greg McCallum played and recorded them on his CD Southern Quilt.  I'm glad you liked the pieces - Greg is a wonderful pianist.  It's a great pleasure to have superb artists record our compositions!

  • Hello Art, 

    Thank you very much for your kind comments and visiting my page. I only just got back from being away on holiday. I very much enjoyed listening to your music especially 'Mystery of Water', I like the way you combine vocals with strings, harp and woodwind, keeping it light and delicate. Beautiful work! Great rhythm in 'Lead me in, lead me out'. I wish you great success with your music and thanks again. 


  • Hi Art, thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you liked it :-)

    I´ve also enjoyed your music, especially Joelle´s Valentine, I loved the soft string writing in the beginning, very nice and delicate. Congratulations!

    Thank you again, hope you´re having a nice day, best wishes!

  • Thank you for nice comment :) I also heard your songs.. Love them..And I am so impressed! Beautiful sounds... 

    I have a long way to get at your level and many others here..I But atleast is good  to be here on this forum. For inspiration and maybe I learn something too :)


  • Loving a sendai! a really fantastic piece of writing- you can tell it's pure inspiration. The rhythm is brill and the climax of the piece is very majestic, but all the way through you can sense the it.
  • Welcome to the Composers' Forum
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