Anton Botes left a comment for Andy Schofield
"Andy, I'm honored that your "Ambient Life" was done after listening to my "Dreamland". And I agree with you, Ambient shouldn't just be slow and mushy. "Ambient Life" is great! I like the clarity of each instrument, as well as the interaction between…"
Jul 27, 2010
Anton Botes left a comment for Andy Schofield
"Andy, I love Ambient Moon. You've taken some really nice-sounding drones and atmospheric sounds and blended them into a very soothing whole. And you've spread them nicely over the whole keyboard. Good work!"
Jul 24, 2010
Anton Botes left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Dear Fredrick

Thank you so much for your nice comments about my song: the song is fairly new, so I am happy to hear that you like it.
I read your biography here: very entertaining!"
Jan 31, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Jason Ward
"Jason, thanks for your kind words! I will definitely join the New Age Group. I've read your biography before and it was really entertaining. Your music is tops too!"
Jan 30, 2009
Anton Botes posted a video
Jan 29, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Bob Safir
"Bob, I really like your "Arabian Dream". It reminds me a bit of Mike Batt's Caravan soundtrack. Your music is great - hope I can learn from you!"
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes posted photos
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Antonin Charvat
"Antonin, your music is amazing! I love Last Man Standing. Good luck to you!"
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Lori Sweeney
"Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging comments, Lori. Love your style!"
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Andy Schofield
"Andy, I like your experimental work, especially African Dream: I feel at home listening to something like that, because it's unique and fresh. I'm tired of listening to the same old sound from most film composers. Good luck to you!"
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Andre Heuer
"Dear Andre

Love your music and your studio! I am also the proud owner of a Yamaha Motif ES8 and love it. Hope we can be friends!"
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes commented on Adrian Allan's video
"Adrian, I love your Symphony 1: it's really an amazing work and your orchestration is fabulous. I also enjoyed the footage: where did you find it? I'm always looking for free (or cheap and legal) footage for my music. Thanks a lot!"
Jan 28, 2009
Anton Botes left a comment for Lori Sweeney
"Hi Lori

Thanks for inviting me as a friend here. I read your "Unemployment" blog and really enjoyed it!"
Jan 28, 2009

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  • HI Anton
    Thank you for your kind comments on Ambient Moon. I've just been having a listen through your playlist ..... very nice ...... and confirms for me that ambient doesn't have to be all slow amd mushy .... I particularly liked 'Dreamland' with the variety of sounds which inspired me to have a go at something more mid- tempo .... and came up with Ambient Life (just uploaded). Keep up the good work.
  • Hi Anton,
    thank you for the request and sorry for my late accept!
    Very nice tracks here! And yes, the Motif is a great and inspire synth, but most I like the piano keys.

    Best wishes from Germany
    André - Film Composer
  • Anton! I listened to Audio Showreel 2009 three times! I love all the parts. Each is a fantastic work. I am listening to your MP3 roster now and they sound wonderful as well. You have a definite new age touch and it would be great to have you join the New Age Composers group.
  • Hi Anton, thank you for your nice comment. Your Golden Flower is kicking... :-) Great piece of music!
    Take care my friend!
  • Hey Anton!

    Re: the photo of you in studio with a glass of wine in hand - AHHHH - yes, a man who knows how to do it RIGHT!

    Thanks for checking out my work and for your comments. Your bio is pretty interesting, you've certainly been some places. I'll drop by again and check out the music!


  • thanks for your kind comments. I'm not too sure if the footage is really "free", but most of it is off a DVD called The British Empire in Colour - I used a DVD ripper to extract the chapters. Will listen to your music now.
  • Hi Anton,
    Great stuff! Away From Her is my favorite I think (I've kinda got a "piano thing" going on) but the others are quite impressive also! Good luck with your quest! I think you have a lot of talent!
This reply was deleted.