Andrew Wonders commented on Doug Lauber's blog post Please- No Story Behind the Music!!
"I like *certain* commentary on a piece... like when I read that Eric Whitacre feels that the four measures illustrating the "never kissing" line of text for "A Boy and a Girl" "may be the truest notes" he's ever written... but don't give me the…"
May 27, 2011
Andrew Wonders replied to Richard Slone's discussion How do I make it so people can download my mp3 files?
"I'm not aware of any feature on CF right now that allow people browsing your profile to download the tracks. You might check out file-hosting/sharing sites like where you can upload files, then get a download link that you can send to…"
Dec 14, 2010
Andrew Wonders left a comment for LingRyu
"Thanks for the add! I LOVE the track you have posted! Very driving "action film" style. Excellent work. I look forward to hearing more of your music!"
Dec 13, 2010
Andrew Wonders commented on James Semple's blog post Creating realistic legato strings with samples
"Excellent article, James. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise on this matter. Achieving legato string lines (with non-legato samples) has always been a challenge, and I look forward to trying the methods that you outlined…"
Apr 28, 2010
Andrew Wonders replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion A composer's place in society
"I haven't read through the responses, but my response (from my own standpoint) is that, I compose, first and foremost, for my own pleasure. I compose because there is music in my head, that if not let out, will explode my cranium. Beyond that, I…"
Apr 27, 2010
Andrew Wonders left a comment for Magdalena Obert

Welcome to the Composer's Forum! It's so inspirational to see that despite the challenges of MS (I have a dear friend who is suffering from this as well) that you are continuing to write music through electronic means... such wondrous…"
Apr 27, 2010
Andrew Wonders commented on dain ryan's photo
"Oh man... I love waterphones... got a great library of waterphone samples not too long ago (SampleLogic Waterharp).. LOVE it."
Apr 2, 2010
Andrew Wonders commented on S.Koray Özçelik's video
"SOOO freakin cool!"
Apr 2, 2010
Andrew Wonders posted a video
Just got a new webcam and wanted to test it out, as well as figure out how to reroute the audio output from my sampler into the video recording.
Mar 27, 2010
Andrew Wonders left a comment for Nemesis

Thanks for the kind words on my wall! I really enjoyed listening to the music you've posted here. "Angel Of My Life" in particular has a melody I found quite beautiful and moving, and "Midnight Boulevard" is very well written and orchestrated.…"
Mar 9, 2010
Andrew Wonders left a comment for James Guttridge
Thank you for the friend request, and I'm happy to add you. The pieces you have put up here are excellent. I love the rhythmic and electronic textures woven into the traditional orchestral parts. Looking forward to hearing more from you!…"
Feb 27, 2010
Andrew Wonders left a comment for Markonis Stavros
"Welcome to the Composers Forum Markonis! Man... I gotta say, I dig "Crazy Dance" a LOT!! I'm a metalhead composer, and I'm a big fan of Nightfall, Rotting Christ, and Firewind :)"
Nov 6, 2009
Andrew Wonders posted photos
Oct 21, 2009
Andrew Wonders left a comment for Franco Talamo
"Franco, I share your burning need. May I say, that you have far more talent in composing and orchestration than I. "Piano Movement" is wonderful. I am constantly humbled by the composers on this forum (not that I need much help in being humbled by…"
Oct 20, 2009
Andrew Wonders left a comment for Sean McGee
"One more comment here... "50's Theme" is AWESOME! Sounds like the musical lovechild of Ennio Morricone and Loreena McKennit :)"
Oct 20, 2009
Andrew Wonders left a comment for Sean McGee
"Sean, thanks for your comment and the friend add. I recently left a band that was trying to get signed... It's kinda strange; I desire, and have no problem with the idea of doing orchestral/film score music for a living, but the idea of becoming a…"
Oct 20, 2009

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  • Amazing Job !!
  • Welcome to the Composers' Forum! Nice compositions...
  • thanks ,i love your sitting in for winter & to rise a hero soundtracks too


  • You wear your passion on your sleeve in the form of your music. (Sheesh it sounds like I'm going to burst into song). LOL
  • My first friend. Awww. :)
  • Hi,
    I just listened to all of your music and I love them. It's music that reaches out and touches ones soul. Thank you for sharing.
  • Hi Andrea,

    I like "As the world begins again". A great emotion is created regading your arrangement - the typical "Hollywood-sound".

    Keep on moving
  • Had a listen as promised. Always nice to hear a guitarist (like me) who has made the crossover into orchestral. Very expressive and well produced music - well done.
  • Andrew
    I was looking at a post of yours over at Youngcomposers and noticed you hadn't been around in a while. We miss you. So I stopped in here to listen for a bit and wasn't disappointed. Great music. Come back and visit us. Ron
  • Glad to hear it man! keep rocking! :)

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