137ymfa4mwkes replied to Chris Merritt's discussion Your Music is Still YOURS!
"Hi all- I decided to upload a couple of recent pieces from my weird category -
Dialogue of the Barracudas of the Arabian Sea, Opus 266
Meteor Strike - The Zinc Factory of Chelyabinsk, Opus 270
The notes are as follows...

Feb 20, 2013
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Simon Godden's discussion Short String Piece
"I like the movement in this...  There seem to be two `factions` of strings who have an interesting interaction, and a nice result..."
Jun 20, 2011
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Simon Godden's discussion Orchestral Placement
"I agree with the comment on the headphones, however when I listened it was late evening, a house full of sleeping people and dogs required a headphone listen. It sounds fine through the actual speakers and actually better as you suggested it would.…"
Aug 7, 2010
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Simon Godden's discussion Orchestral Placement
Not a clue? Simon`s effort sounds fine. I listen with decent earphones, and this has good depth, and fits with his discussion. The tricky thing is that a piece with a lot of energy such as this needs careful balance, because so much is going on…"
Aug 7, 2010
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion A composer's place in society
"I compose, first and foremost, for my own pleasure. I compose because there is music in my head, that if not let out, will explode my cranium.

There are two schools of composing, the one as colorfully described by Mr Wonders, where one must write…"
May 16, 2010
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Jenny Keleher's discussion The Unfashionable End of the Universe
"This isn't as bad as you think it is. Perhaps a little fuller orchestration... Maybe just your fonts? Musically it has potential. Take it from one who has written several astronomical/outer space pieces - "The Demise of Betelgeux", or "Quantum…"
Mar 24, 2010
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Sam Dillard's discussion The Last Dream ~My first post here XD~
"This is very very nice. I have a question. What FONTS/VST are you using? And what software package?

Edward S."
Dec 28, 2009
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion Feather (A piece written in a day)
"Post-impressionism. Evocative and flowing."
Oct 19, 2009
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Simon Godden's discussion Requiem
"Haunting calm, controlled motion. Beautifully balanced. The piece seems to be constantly evolving, which only seems how it should be. I think we have another winning effort by Simon G."
Oct 3, 2009
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Andy Brick's discussion The Peacock
"It is interesting to hear a peacock described in an impressionist format. Griffes indeed had his `White Peacock`, and what this shows is how two different individuals can see the focus differently. Wheras the Griffes was more interested in the…"
Sep 27, 2009
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Don Kim's discussion How many guitar players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
"The above situation makes it more difficult to answer the question"
Sep 4, 2009
137ymfa4mwkes replied to Simon Godden's discussion Symphony Finale - Absolutely complete overhaul
"I will only echo the other folks who have said this - "Get live people to play this." This has something special about it.

BTW - Do you know the name Howard Hanson?

You music has some of the character of…"
Sep 3, 2009