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  • Working on Google analytics at the moment

  • Complaints added as a new page and first complaint placed in it

  • Goal #1: get the home page main feed (runs down center of page) active to the point where the oldest (bottmmost) post is within 24 hours of the newest (top of the page). As of today, Tuesday, the oldest post is from Sunday.

  • Im going to be on a little less as we get close to closing on my house and getting in the swing of things with my classes. 

  • Messaging yall on facebook...

  • We should begin looking for another  site and begin phasing out this site. Should we still collect donations to cover the cost that you had paid for out of pocket?

  • Hi guys!  

    Ning charged me on July 20th and luckily I had just gotten money in from selling a friends audio interface.

    I can't remove my payment info from ning without them shutting down the forum they say.  I also can't have them auto charging me every year, when I don't ever get enough donations to cover it.  Money's a little too tight for me for that.

    As of now I am thinking I will cancel the forum just before the charge next year.  But perhaps there is some service out there that can hold money as it is donated throughout the year and be used to pay for ning?


  • We have a Google Hangout at 4pm CST if y'all are interested. 

  • Have we come to a decision about Olmn?

    Also Im thinking about doing another google hangout, thoughts?

  • I think its time to start talking about what to do with Olmn. Thoughts are whether or not to re-instate his membership. 

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