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  • Tyler, if you wouldn't mind, could you remove me as a moderator? I don't think I'm good fit. I would have asked in private, but I wanted the other moderators to know I wish everyone here well, and good health to the Forum. Merry music making everyone. See y'all around...

  • I think Benji is probably Ray, also. Reading through the comments he's making, he doesn't sound new. He sounds like he's here to make trouble for the forum. I'm at a loss... Either I'm nuts, and beginning to imagine ulterior motives amongst members on this forum, or... I don't know. I got nuthin.

  • We should all get on the same page as to what a troll is, because it seems what we define a troll to be is way off. I define troll the same way most people online define it as, someone who post offensive things to purely get a rise out of others in an online community (like someone posting intentionally racist or sexiest things just to get a response). On this forum a troll may not go to that extreme but the concept is the same. Bait post are trolling post or abusive and offensive post. Benji did none of those thing, he just posted a lot in a short amount of time.
    So let's cool it with the troll witch hunt. Benji isn't a threat just a little excited.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • I'm going to avoid him entirely... I'm convinced he's a troll. Show us the way, Tyler!

  • No problem I know your heart is in the right place, just remember, light touch, light touch. 

  • Sorry about that, Tyler. I meant it to be temporary until you had a chance to look. I won't do it again. I guess you unsuspended him? Sorry, again....

  • But that is not reason enough to suspend a member. We CANNOT punish members for posting a lot. We can only suspend members with just cause. He is new to this forum and does not know the whatever drama with Ondib and he has the right to post in old post. I am unsuspending his account. 

  • Janet, suspended means gone for good. You made the right call, IMO. Just before you suspended it, it posted on my wall what I interpret as a criticism of my style of posting, disguised as treacly praise -

  • Remeber we don't suspend members until we all discuss it so that we can give a proper reason, unless they are an obvious spam bot.
  • I don't think he is a troll. I have been looking at him and I think he is just an excited member. Please unsuspend his account as he did nothing that warrants it.
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