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  • Umm... maybe it belongs in the "Humor" forum, certainly not in the "Art of Composition"!

  • I think this: needs to go. I suppose the usual practice is to ask for going back on topic before locking / killing the thread, but there isn't even a topic there. Just spam. Thoughts?

    Can juxtaposing retrograde developmental transformations in micro-digital productions, via multipho…
    This issue has been raised before. However, this was in a different tonal context, with a different application of terminology, in what may have been…
  • Chris M., thanks, I got your invite and replied to it. I think I did it correctly. It said "pending approval"

  • approved now and promoted to admin...

  • My membership to the test site is "waiting approval"...

  • It worked for Tyler!  He is now an admin there...

  • done!

  • sent to tyler, too

  • I tried signing up but I guess it didnt work

    my email is if you want to try to email me an invite

  • invite sent.  did it work?

This reply was deleted.