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  • Yeah, I was hesitating on this one myself. Your reticence confirms my hesitance.

  • All, I sent a message to "Thomas," who is requesting membership. His profile is sparse and seems to be promoting some software. I've asked him to provide a link to his compositions.

  • Since he is already back, he should be allowed to prove himself.

  • I am not necessarily in charge or involved.  But I can just suggest that there are far too many members to be concerned with a few who are particularity abrasive.  Meaning, don't worry if you ban someone with too much gumption, worry more about encouraging other members to participate.  Get the jerks out of the way, so that others will feel free to contribute...

  • Thanks, Tyler, that's good to know.

  • It should be noted he was only suspended once from this site. He left voluntarily the first time and his suspension was not fully agreed upon by all admins at the time. His suspension has been a lightning rod of controversy because his action, be it bannable, was not a one sided thing. Many members on this site either participated, contributed, or even egged him on maliciously prior to his suspension. Unfortunately for him, he was more abrasive about it and was much less popular than the other members.
    I am for his second chance because I feel his actions back then were no worse than what some of our current members are doing now.
  • I wouldn't have admitted him back. He was banned twice that I know of, and didn't learn his lesson. He's been banned off of several other sites. I think it's just a matter of time before the nastiness starts, and attracts participation from those who find it entertaining.

  • Any thoughts on readmitting Saul? I got a sarcastic email about it from the person formerly known as Ray. I do think Saul has something to contribute here, as long as he has learned his lesson. did I make a mistake?

  • Thanks for the tip, Tyler. I will do that.

  • Keep an eye out on him and for others as he re-enters the forum. His controversial status might entice others to provoke him.
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