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  • This may get you to the test network, but I will probably have to approve you and promote you to be able to do anything...

  • I need the email address of those who want to access the test network.  email me at

  • Michael, just edit your post

  • Thanks Tyler, I will do so. Can you please give Chris a heads up that the message from me will be coming as he and I are not currently friends.

  • Sounds like a good idea, you can contact Chris M. yourself as he is still a member on this site. You might need to let him know how to do that though as that is beyond my own understanding of this sites mechanics. 

  • Hello Tyler, Janet has some ideas for altering the home page. A good way to do that would be through a "test network," which is a way to experiment with changes without affecting the live site. According to Ning tech support, only the site creator, Chris Merritt, can create a test network. If he creates it, we admins should be able to access it and work on Janet's ideas.

  • Can you refresh me on what that suggestion was. We got caught up on second languages I feel it got lost in the crowd. 

  • Hello Tyler or Chris A., any comment about whether one of you can contact Chris M. about creating a test network to try out Janet's suggestions about changing the home page? I'll drop it after this post if you don't feel worth pursuing

  • As I write this (9/9/2014 at 10:17 pm EST) 8 of the 15 posts on the homepage wall are composers posting music for commentary. I think that might be a record~

  • I agree with Janet on this one, although I see why Fred is P.O.ed

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