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  • Anyone else have a problem with Rodney's comment about Joe's Cello Sonata? Rod said "It's not a sonata until I see a score." Strikes me as a bit arrogant. As if he is the arbiter of whether a piece is even a piece, unless 1) it is a accompanied by a score (according to this, I have not posted any music on this forum); and 2) he is the supreme authority; until he sees the score and passes judgment on it, all other opinions are moot. I did not want to get into it with him, so I just gently commented that it sounds like a cello sonata to me. Just wondered if anyone else sees this a problem.

  • Hey all, I deleted a discussion posted by Niranjin Raghu. He posted other people's music without their permission. The post was not in the Critique Forum. He wanted to know what bowing technique was being used in the pieces he posted. I referred him to the rules in the Critique Forum, about not posting music without permission anywhere on the forum, and sent him an email about it.

  • It definitely should be moved. I like Janet's idea of the humor forum.  "Assorted Absurdities" would be even better. Like other such recent threads, it will run its course. Perhaps we need to put in a requirement that thread titles not exceed a certain number of letters? And actually make sense?

  • Greg, the post is pure garbage, with the usual lot of garbage-producers hopping in to add to the pile. I defer to the group sentiment as to what, if anything, to do with it.

  • Janet, I got a mail from him too, he was suspended because of inactivity. This was listed on the Suspension page in admin. I unsuspended him

  • I got an email from "Lee Kawase", as suspended member asking back in. Does anyone know why he was suspended?

  • Umm... maybe it belongs in the "Humor" forum, certainly not in the "Art of Composition"!

  • I think this: needs to go. I suppose the usual practice is to ask for going back on topic before locking / killing the thread, but there isn't even a topic there. Just spam. Thoughts?

    Can juxtaposing retrograde developmental transformations in micro-digital productions, via multipho…
    This issue has been raised before. However, this was in a different tonal context, with a different application of terminology, in what may have been…
  • Chris M., thanks, I got your invite and replied to it. I think I did it correctly. It said "pending approval"

  • approved now and promoted to admin...

This reply was deleted.
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