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  • Is anyone friends with Gav on this site. I can't invite him to this group because we never added each other as "friends" on this site. 

  • I am honored and grateful for this task. I hope to bring this forum to the next level. This weekend I will be tapping folks to be admins with me. I do hope you all will remain members of this forum and if you have any ideas to make this place better please by all means let me know. 

  • Hi guys!

    It's time for a big change!  We have had our run at managing things, here and we have grown this site tremendously!  I thank you all so very much for your help in making this forum so popular!  But now it is time for us to move on.  

    I have decided to step down as admin, promote Tyler to 'guy in charge,' and make the rest of us regular members, so that Tyler can create a new collection of admins.

    It looks like there is some technical difficulty in removing me as the owner of the forum, since NING requires someone be financially responsible for it, and transferring that responsibility to Tyler will be a difficult process.  Plus, I'm ok with that.  I just know that the Composers' Forum deserves a new set of leaders.

    So I hope you all will help me congratulate and feel sorry for Tyler, who now has to take the Forum to the next level!

    Soon, if not directly after I post this, you will notice your status change to MEMBER.  I don't think this will be a problem, but let me know if you were in the middle of something that this interrupts!

    Sorry for the lack of notice!  I have been so busy in my personal life that I have greatly neglected the Forum and you guys for a long time.  Including neglecting to warn you about this!

    I hope to eventually even become an active MEMBER of the forum, without the responsibility and guilt of being an admin!

    See you guys in the forums!


    After writing that, I realize that you may feel 'thrown away.'  I cannot express in writing how grateful I am for your help and participation!  You have written blogs, banned and allowed members, given guidance to me for a LONG time, and I am VERY grateful!

    And we can all stay here as members!  But I HAD to, for my own personal sanity, pick SOMEONE to take over.  And I wanted that person to not feel bound and obligated to what I had created in the past.  I slacked off so much that I felt as if I almost ran it into the ground!

    So a fresh start it is.  For all of us.  I hope you will enjoy staying as members!  and even send Tyler suggestions on what to do!

    And please stay in touch with me!  I feel as if I have grown close to each of you through this shared endeavor!

    Hugs and kisses,


  • We are, thanks!

  • Short answer:  It's no big deal, Tyler took it down.

    The longer answer will involve changing the way things are done, and by whom.  I think it's time we find a new guy to be in charge, someone who will update the graphic look of the site, accept the donations and pay for the site, as well as manage the moderators, in addition to setting and managing discussion categories and so on.

    So until then, please avoid communicating with each other, Tyler and Ray.  If something must be addressed for now, come to me directly.  My email is:

    chris (at)

  • I never denied making the blog post. I promptly deleted it once it was pointed out that it was violation of the rules. That post was out of legit excitement for my new venture that literally started yesterday. In my hast I wasn't thinking but the issue was quickly resolved and removed. It is you Ray that insist on making this mountain out of a mole hill. But this isn't anything new for you, is it Ray. This page is peppered and complaints and personal attacks about me and my descisions. You have been on a nonstop crusade of unmitigated hate towards me even before I was an admin. Hell you even left the forum due to some high school-esk drama that you built up in your head about how members are approved. For the most part, I ignore you. You mean nothing to me, your are just an bitter old man in a far off land who can't stand it when people defend themselves against you, defy you in anyway, or are not kissing your ass.
    You ask that the offending post be re-posted again,
    You suggested that the offending post be re-posted again. For what purpose would that serve in taking the high ground other than give you a chance to live out your court room fantasy? I've already taken the high ground, care to join the rest of us?

  • I'd be sorry to see it guys, I've always felt this place has a lot of mutual respect and a lot of talent. Still better to step away from something that aggravates you.

    Chris Alpiar I'm very, very pleased to hear things are going well for you!! Best news I've heard today to be honest!

  • I will address this tomorrow. Thanks.
  • The feeling is mutual Ray. I find nothing about you redeemable and if it were up to me you would have been suspended long ago. With that being said clearly we have a difference in how the forum should be run.
    Rays ban first ask questions later approach counters how I feel any forum or group of people should be run. Even what we define as ban able behavior varies greatly. Might I suggest we set forth guidelines and firm definitions and actions for the admins, not just for us but for any future admin.
    Allowing us to govern how we see fit seems doesn't seem to do us good any more. Guidelines would keep the most if not all questions about running this forum, and subsequent childish name calling and undesired communication with any for mentioned admins to minimum.
  • I rectified the situation. It was my mistake, my excitement from being accepted on that site got the best of me. You could have simple ask me to remove the blog post without getting your panties being in a bunch and being a general dick about it but I don't except much from you either.
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