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  • Really. For what exactly?
  • Since I don't feel like dealing with you I'll delete it.
  • I didnt accept any of those account, or deleted them. 

    And the Ferneyhough thread is fine. Its been peaceful and spirited, no ugliness or rules being broken that I can see. 

  • Doesn't really answer the question at hand. And that was over a few months ago when I accendetly hit accept and they were deleted by me before anything happened so I don't see how that is pertinent to the Saul issue.
  • Did someone un-suspend Saul's account. He messaged me asking about that since he was able to apply for another account today. 

  • Yes.  Sorry, let Chris A do it.  My best friend's Mom has been in the hosp and died this Wednesday.  I'm mostly only on mobile for a few days...  THANK YOU GUYS!

  • I will. It should just take a simple message from someone other than me. 

  • I was thinking this is really my fault (as creator.)  It's ultimately my responsibility to make the forum great, with all of your help.  But I'm too much of a loser to make it happen.  I usually blame my anemia and busy work schedule...

    Thought:  do we need more admins?  maybe we promote some new admins with more specific jobs.  Like some who are tasked with weeding out old profiles, some who are tasked with dipping in discussions and keeping them friendly and on task, and so on...

    Or do you think more admins would be confusing?

  • Hey Mr A! Honestly I don't think you should blame yourself at all here. I definitely wasn't taking a sideswipe at any admins. I think it can be a very tricky job and everyone here comes from quite different backgrounds. I think we do a surprisingly good job to be honest. 

    Still I do think we can do more now to make it more active. Perhaps we should spend a little more time coming up with some ideas? 

  • Hey Chris and everyone. I'd love to see this forum get more active. I think there are a few 'personalities' here who have a tendency to be very dominant in discussions (effectively overriding or dismissing other opinions as wrong). Not talking about the admins here, just some members I've observed over the time. 

    IMO, creating a friendly atmosphere is about allowing people to come and post opinions without getting shot down in flames. Sure some people are going to be naive but better to nurture them than blast them out of the sky. It's clear that some of the regulars take delight in doing this. 

    So in terms of refreshing and reinvigorating the site I think perhaps a more friendly active participation from us and just helping to set a friendlier more welcoming tone would work well. 

    Just a suggestion but I'd love to see the site be more active. 

    Also I'll try and think of some more ideas for posts and I'll promote them on FB/Twitter.

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