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  • Also, they were discussing how the negativity has made the forum less active.  What can we do about that?  Is it true?  Should we do anything about it?

    They also mentioned many profiles here are probably inactive.  I would love to get rid of all of those profiles that were created and never used again.

    Is that feasible?  How?

  • Wow, what an annoying guy!  I immediately do not like him after reading that.  The problem is separating my personal feelings about his jerkitude from the reality of his effect on the forum.  Let's look at it another way.

    If this was some unknown composer named Mozart, that was acting like this on this forum, and we secretly knew his future, what would we do?  If we would be inclined to let him stay, then that's what we should do.  If his offenses are bad enough that it is stopping useful discussion, then he should go.

    He regarded your warning with contempt, so one warning should be enough. 

    I think maybe we could say, "Christopher, and others, just keep it on track.  If we are spending all this time talking about Christopher's attitude, then that attitude is detracting from the forum."

    No one would miss this guy.  It's more about us using this as a chance to check our bearings as admins.

    And since Ray pointed us to him, we now know how to respond when / if this guy is banned.

  • So who wants to message Saul now. Im still getting messages from him asking Why and if there is anyway to get back on. 

  • We must think of ourselves as more like observers rather than members and participants.  If we see behavior that degrades the communication and spirit of learning between members (other than us) then we first warn the offender nicely, a couple of times if needed, suspend temporarily if we must, then ban / delete them with a note in our system as to why.

    Just make sure it is never personal, and when you ban, you type in why (try to be specific.)

    We will do everything we can within reason to help members stay here, it should take a pretty serious offence, or a long and constant string of lesser offenses, to get banned.

    For warnings, we can send a message through the forum to the offender and include another admin in that message.  That will make the offender take it seriously, and protect the admin from being accused of unfair treatment by the offender.

    Otherwise, I'm inclined to support Ray in his ban, even if he did not follow any particular protocol.  When anyone emails a member, just include another admin in the to: field!

    How's that sound?

  • Suggestion

    Maybe we should get into the habit of messaging the members we are about to suspend as to why they are being suspended. Especially in light of the fact that we ask them to donate money to keeping this site a float. I know I personally dont like getting messages and emails off this site from suspended members, and I dont think it is too difficult to tell a person why they are no longer welcomed. Its common courteously after all. 

  • I dont see him doing anything wrong. Other than one fiesty comment, there has been no blatant abuse or name calling. His tone may be pointed and the topic started out slightly heated, but nothing worth making a stink about. It hasn't spread anywhere and the discussion has simmered down to a civilized discussion. To be honest, you have said pointed things as well so its not like he is doing anything above and beyond. 

    Plus he was never suspended in the first place, he left of his own accord and came back of his own accord. So its not like he was given any special treatment or second chances. 

  • A suspended member has sent you a message on Composers' Forum.  Stephen Tammearu ( writes:


    I might've signed in with the wrong email but was my second account banned also? This is mildly disheartening that this would happen again. My other possible email addresses I had signe dup with:




  • I just sent a blast message about donating for this year ($599 needed.)  ADMINS DO NOT DONATE!  You are donating your time already.

  • Sorry, I've been m issing the updates for a while here again.  I got no emails from CF telling me there was activity here until Chris's post just now.  Hope things are still good, RAY!

  • Yeah I'm with Chris here ... "Where there's a will there's a RAY!"

    Get well soon man!

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