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  • Chris, you're very welcome to use Maiden Voyage from my player.

    Ray I am at a loss for words. I hope this all gets resolved for you!

  • Good luck, Ray. Hope all goes well!

  • Per Erik Rosqvist says he is still awaiting approval.  I told him that he might have been mistaken for a spam bot.  Keep an eye out for his email, and let me know if you approve him.  Thanks!


    his email is

    Per Erik Rosqvist
    Per Erik Rosqvist is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Per Erik Rosqvist and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share a…
  • Ray, Chris I just want to wish you guys the best of health and I'm privileged to count all of you here as my friends. This is quite a unique place and has an incredible number of members compared to other communities. 

    Ray I really hope you get that stent soon! Fingers crossed.

    Chris, welcome back, Iron Man! :)

  • Hey guys!  Thanks so much for being awesome and handling things like the smart and fair folks that you are! 

    Don't know if I told you guys or not, but I have been extremely anemic for the past year or so, and one of the symptoms is extreme tiredness and an 'I don't give a crap' attitude.  Thus, I've been letting you guys handle it.

    Now after two iron infusions, I should start to feel better and be more active in a few weeks.  If all goes well.

    I have no problem with any of you admins being as active or not as you want.  Do you think we need a few more admins to help with things?

    Perhaps admins that are assigned to specific areas?

    Whatcha think?

  • Thanks for that info Ray... Yeah that is kinda weird behaviour. Saul clearly has issues. Hope you're well mate!

  • Thank you Tyler ... that's a really helpful explanation. 

    Wow these composers ... what ARE they like? :)

    Still at least we're not VI-Control where Hans Zimmer now regularly comments. That would be hilarious for moderation "Yeah Hans ... we need you to back off on this thread... but please don't destroy my career before it's started..."

  • I believe the hostility comes from another thread "taking music to seriously". It was a large debate thread that covered a number of topics, however where it spun out of control is when Saul introduced the idea of his religion and his views on how religion is suppose to effect music. This seem to inflame about three of our members who seemed to go on the attack. Since then Saul has been kind of a lighting rod for a few members. 

    I wouldnt say condone Frederick's comments, Im not a particular fan of his, however the comment in the Wolf thread just was only on the verge of being inappropriate. Which is more on par of what Fred typically does when he comments on other's music. 

    Question: did anyone talk to Fred about his role in the thread? I know I talked with Saul, but that was it. 

  • Yeah I definitely think we're in agreement here. I know Frederick's comments were apparently about the track but really they were just a guarded way of saying the music is crap without any definitive reasoning to back it up. 

    None of us particularly like criticism and Saul overreacted in a very childish manner but I just don't like the idea of us condoning Frederick's remarks. There's clearly some backhistory I'm not aware of here so I'm literally just looking at this thread in isolation (which is possibly a mistake).

    I also agree with Chris that Tyler and Ray are doing an excellent job here. I wish I could do more! At least I am finding time to get some articles together. I'm hoping to write an article quite soon!

  • I just replied to a message Saul gave me, it was sort of a warning and a suggestion to him to no long engage Fred any more on this thread. 

    After reading the initial comment Fred made in the Wolf thread, I can see where it could be someone offensive, however it still was a critic of the music (though a very harsh and tactless critic). I think were in lied the problem is what Chris A. said, Saul overacted in the worst way possible, which seems to be a hallmark of his in this forum. 

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