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  • note to self: do not post here

  • Received other messages from Dave Dexter, contesting his warning, none of which I have replied to.

  • Dave Dexter, contesting my warning note, and my reply.

    Hi Dave,

    Please read the posting policy if you haven't already done so. In general, please stop fighting with other members.


    From Dave Dexter to Gav Brown
    Sent 4 minutes ago

    You really need to explain the rules better, then. If inappropriate content is defined by that which doesn't support composers, why wasn't Bob's post in which he attacked the quality of my music removed? Why were those posts left up but mine defending myself weren't? Why, again, was a post quoting an ex member who privately harassed me inappropriate? How come Roger gets to talk aggressive nonsense without the kind of fallout I'm getting?

    There is absolutely no clear system behind the deletions, unless I take the assumption that I'm simply being ushered out as fast as possible. At that point it makes a lot more sense, because the deletions seem completely arbitrary.

    Christ, you even removed the post that asked the very same questions as I am now. Is it inappropriate to query the admins when they do confusing things? Can you actually explain any of this?

    From Gav Brown to Dave Dexter
    Sent 16 minutes ago

    Hi Dave,

    There have now been 5 deletions of your content for inappropriate posting. If there is one more inappropriate post, your account will be deleted.


  • Warning note sent to Dave Dexter:

    Hi Dave,

    There have now been 5 deletions of your content for inappropriate posting. If there is one more inappropriate post, your account will be deleted.


  • Dave Dexter, trolling Bob M. on Bob P.'s thread. Post removed.

    I NEVER see anything in what ANYONE says that warrant how you speak to people, myself included, with your cursing name calling etc.

    Quote where I cursed, or called names. The only name I think I called anyone recently was Em being a troll. Oh, and I called Wagner a tit. He definitely can't defend himself.

    Its not your job or right to treat people so horribly

    You have a very low tolerance of "horrible". I wasn't horrible to Em, Jerry or Andrew. And it's not your right to police me, but you do it, so it's an own goal there.

    Whether that criticism was valid or not it was delivered in a most unprofessional way.

    No, it wasn't.

    And that message you posted which again was deleted was sent off forum, and has no business being brought up on this forum. Its NOT forum business. Who can even verify it as it didnt originate here??

    Let's assume that it was real, which it was - what would your honest response be? It certainly seems to qualify as behaviour that coming from anyone else, especially me, you would leap on as unbelievably abhorrent.

    If an off-forum message has no business being brought up here, why is what I say on-forum relevant to anyone off it? Like the things which you allegedly - ha! - tell my purported clients about. Even better, you've found things I've said off-forum regarding my depression and then talked about them in-forum. Your "it's off-forum and has no business here" mantra crumbles a bit in the light of such things. If my character is so dreadful it transcends forums, maybe Jerry harassing me via email is something to be exposed, mm?


    You have no right to call her names and judge this as being true and then go after her--and other posters. And betraying the confidence of an administrator, saying they said she was a troll to you also, is really not cool.

    Of course I do. I have every right. Look, I'll do it again - Em was probably a troll. You go after me, apparently, so what's the difference here? I betrayed no confidence because I didn't say who it was.

    So EVERYONE else is wrong and you're always right?..You've even written that youre justified when you  mouthdump people..

    I wouldn't want to say always, but . . . a solid 90-95%, yes.


  • Dave Dexter, trolling me, on Bob Porter's thread. Post removed, black mark added to account, as this is the 5th deletion for him, warning letter to follow:

    <p>This thread does not serve the forum's purpose of supporting composers and composition and will be removed if it continues as is.</p><p>==========</p>

    There it is. Maybe you could codify the rules a bit better, instead of just deleting things without real explanation? You put down the money, you (and Julie) are in the big chair, why not have an actual system?

    Gav Brown said:


    This thread does not serve the forum's purpose of supporting composers and composition and will be removed if it continues as is.


  • Received two e-mails from Dave Dexter, contesting recent deletion. I replied to the first one and asked him to not post nasty messages about members or former members and received a second message from him, wanting to argue about it, which I did not respond to. Here is the first message from him and my reply:


    Hi Dave,

    Please stop posting nasty messages about the members or former members. Please also stop fighting with other members. I see you changed the name of the post back to what it was, so I'm going to delete it.


    From Dave Dexter to Julie Harris and Gav Brown
    Sent 1 hour ago

    What was inappropriate? Jerry's email, the fact that I posted it, my words surrounding it?

    The rules for comment and post deletion seem pretty loose. The cardinal one seems to be regarding the mission "supporting and enhancing music composers" - surely a member, even a recently ex-member, sending an incredibly unprofessional diatribe to me privately is something worth mentioning in that regard? Does it become not the CF's concern when it happens off-site, and if so, why is it the CF's concern again if I post it?

    So many questions. How many warnings left until I'm out now?

  • Black mark added to Dave Dexter's account. He is now at 4 black marks.

  • Dave Dexter, posting about a departed member.


  • 1 additional black mark added to Ray Kemp's account on the Member Warning page

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