• Yoshed, this is amazing. Your sense of musical articulation is superb.

    I have enjoyed listening to every piece you have posted.

    Your music has a subtile power that reaches into the depths of human

    emotion, with clarity and confidence. This is beautiful.  RS

  • Wow this is something... I'm really amazed by what you did there.

  • Beautiful, of course. 'Other directions'? Yes. At about the 1:52 mark, I'd think a little break from the tonic key; maybe a hint of lurking dissonance ( as 'relief' from all this lush beauty), before returning home to wrap things up.

    But all & all, a quite beautiful creature. Bravo.
  • Yoshed...

    Whatever direction you were headed in, you certainly got there.  This is beautiful. Love the way you changed color at 1:10.

    Would love to hear more from you.


  • Hi Yoshed

    Very emotive indeed - beautiful piece. Can you perhaps share the score or give some indication as to how you put it together? - when I hear something like this my first instinct is to try to learn something from it.

    Thanks, Colin

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