Hi everyone,


I initially sketched this piece out for a six instrument chamber ensemble, but I liked it so much on piano, that I decided I didn't want to orchestrate it.


It is built off of a synthetic scale using the pitch class set 023478,


Just looking for general feedback off of the piece.

Your Wildest Dream Margo.pdf

Your Wildest Dream.mp3

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  • Very interesting. :)
  • Very interesting piece, well written too. I liked the implied key almost made by your pitch class set, though I wished you would have played around with it by either transposing it or inverting the set more. My only other qualm would be that you gave the performer little emotional cues such as "searchingly" and "Found something, but not sure what it is". I found these to be a little vague, as well, I found the musical material attached did not match the emotion either.

    Other then that, it was a good piece.

    Good Job

  • Overall I like it but it needs to be longer. If you dwelt on the opening pedal longer and built up a bit more slowly it would feel like the busyness of the central section is more deserved. Also coming back so the A from the beginning at some point would be quite nice, maybe instead of having the pause at 92 have that as a recap of the opening, would provide the same musical function as the pause but would also provide a link for the listener.

    The one bit I loved about it is the twisted ragtime I couldn't quite place why I recognised it until I looked at the score. It works really well but again I think needs to be longer. I know you've said its a sketch so hopefully you'll expand it for the next version. Nice one.

  • Excellent, thank you guys for the feedback!


    Tyler, do you mean that the music I wrote didn't attach to the emotion? Or the performance didn't attach the emotion? What kind of emotion did the piece evoke in you? I titled this piece wanting the performer to consider what their wildest dream is, and to fit the emotions to their criteria, making the piece personal to them, and hopefully reflecting that to the audience. Do you feel like I failed in that goal? I didn't even consider transposing it, that could be really beneficial in expanding it. Thank you.


    I really like those ideas Matthew, coming back to the A could be a lot of fun, give the listener some rest, and be very compositionally savvy. I totally agree that it needs to be longer. Thank you for the ideas, and the feedback.

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