Your FIVE favorite composers.

Yes, I did say five.
You do not have to say why.
Just put them in order from favorite to fifth favorite.

1. Beethoven
2. Tchaikovsky
3. Frank *EDIT* Franck (sorry, I never spell his name correctly)
4. Liszt
5. Schubert

If your opinions differ (by that I mean if you hate a composer that someone else loves), please be civil in your arguments. That is more of a reminder for me than a request for you :)


Since I can still edit my list (hehehehe) I have a new one

1. Beethoven

2. Tchaikovsky

3. Strauss, R.

4. Shostakovitch

5. Barber for his Adagio (I've only heard that one piece by him)/ Mozart (For Sym. 40, Eine Kleine, violin+viola duets, Mass, and Requiem)

HM Liszt

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  • 1. Rachmaninoff
    2. Liszt
    3. Alkan
    4. Blumenfeld
    5. Prokofiev

    I like a lot more though.
  • oh yea, sorry, i spelled Frack wrong, I always do...Sorry
  • 1. Tchaikovsky
    2. Beethoven
    3. Rachmaninov
    4. Mendelssohn
    5. Mozart

    But these can vary depending on my mood.
  • 1. Debussy
    2. Brahms
    3. Chopin
    4. Mozart
    5. Beethoven
  • 1.Brahms
  • Purcell
    J S Bach

    5 that I dislike (not personally, just their music)

    Webber A L
  • What, no Coltrane?

    Chris Alpiar said:
    Duke Ellington
    Wayne Shorter
    Horace Silver
    Thad Jones
    Gil Evans
  • Yes yes I did. No need to point that out. *runs away crying*
    Yeah, I don't think I've ever spelled it right.
  • Hmm.

    1. J.S Bach. (Though I remember one guy saying that stating that he is your favorite composer is a cop-out, since he simply defines what music is. Hehe.)

    2. A tie between Frank Zappa and Steve Reich

    3. Claude Debussy

    4. Erkki-Sven Tüür

    5. Arnold Schoenberg.
  • Hmmm.... though the list changes some depending on mood...

    Alban Berg
    George Crumb
    John Adams (Possibly tied with Steve Reich and/or Terry Riley. I can't decide!)
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