I'd love any honest constructive feedback regarding this piano piece I composed yesterday. My goal is to make a living composing, overcoming obstacles of limited time/energy/finances/technology issues.

Regarding recording quality, please bear in mind that I don't have any DAW yet. I use my  MacBook Pro work laptop (Shhh!) and GarageBand to record and I'm not good at recording or the software yet.  I'm looking at learning Logic Pro X (via online tutorials) and saving up for my own computer to run that with samplers.  

Any positive criticism/advice regarding the composition itself, technology, quality for licensing professionally, etc. will be most appreciated. This is a recording made (after composing it in about 2 hours) in one take with no practice. Yes, practice and a re-recording are in order. :)

Just want to hear honest critique from fellow composers to gauge where my music lies on the quality spectrum and alongside fellow composer works.  Please do not hesitate to offer honest criticism for the purpose of my development as a composer and toward making my living in composing for film, TV, documentaries, webisodes, theatre, etc.

Thanks for listening: https://soundcloud.com/jenny-leigh-hodgins/karmic-thread

Karmic Thread - 1_3_15, 4.31 PM.m4a

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  • I've listened to it about a half dozen times now (that means it's good). The underlying harmonic structure is intoxicating. However, there is a melodic phrase that I think is underused (it's only used twice), the phrase that begins after the slow build. Done tastefully, I think it would put this over the top. That phrase is so beautiful and it can be worked in ways throughout the piece. I plan on giving it more listens. 

  • Jenny, I found this pleasant. Your chords are nice, your fidelity is good, the melody is emotional. If I could offer one thing in the way of a critique, I would say that what you are not doing anything I have not heard before. If you want to fit into the pop/soft piano style, you fit in quite well. Thanks for posting!

  • I liked the piece, tranquil and changing tempo.

    For me the emergence of single notes starting from 2:15 sound a bit strange and "broken". I think I would prepare them by changing music or tempo before they emerge. On the other hand, this sounds interesting and unusual now.

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