•  Is your release for any specific purpose? Taken purely as music I find this piece smaller than it look on paper: you're not using the full resources of all those instruments. I'm willing to bet this would work equally well as a string quartet. Also, thematically it's pretty static. So I'm wondering if this is concert music or film music or what?

    Say, how about you leave some comments on other people's work too?

    • Thank you for the feedback, Victor! The work is indeed for film so that may give reason to the staticness of the piece since it was written to cue. I think I like your musing on working equally as well as a string quartet - I'm going to try that against the cue just to see if the scene benefits - good thought. 

      Last, when I slow down enough to visit the forum more regularly (my work keeps me active) I'll most certainly add my 2 cents to other forum members work in hopes it provides something constructive to their journey.

      • I'm old school. When I started composing you wrote for what you had at hand, which for me was piano or wind ensemble. I have a couple of orchestral libraries lying around, but don't feel that my ideas are big enough to warrant those forces. It's sort of bemusing to me to see young kids how equate film music with classical music and so their only medium is indeed the massive symphony orchestra.

        If you are writing top cue then the choice is of course totally defensible. But do explore writing for smaller forces. I like economy of means, in any art & craft.


        • A most valid point. Those of us who managed to get performances with less than perfect resources or who started their own ensembles with the huge admin that usually took probably have a different approach.

          The problem has been sample houses with their hyper-superlatives that are going to turn the younger student into the greatest composer since Beethoven - and selling their 'Big bang' or instant orchestras, turning composing into some kind of Lego thing. The word 'epic' comes to mind.

          However, I totally exclude the work in this thread from such criticism since I'm unable / unwilling to listen to it for reasons in my reply below.                  

  • Unfortunately that site doesn't let me switch out cookies. I couldn't therefore "interact with the site." It would really help if you gave the option. 


    • I'm not as paranoid, as you but yeah, what on earth kind of cookies does a composer's showcase site have that are so essential that they can not be turned off?


  • I really liked the composition! It is very original and very well written! The mood of the melody is felt throughout the timing. The beginning is similar to the beginning of the melody from the movie "Professional" (

    Chi Mai - Le Professional - Ennio Morricone 1971
    Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone arranged by andrewils for Piano, Flute, Drum Group, Strings Group &…
    • Thank you for your feedback, Patrick. I appreciate it. I still have a little tweaking to do on the written score but it's basically done. I see your comparison to the beginning of this film work by Morricone. I deeply respect this composer's work, and what work indeed. Thank you for pointing this out. I vaguely remember seeing this movie on a late-night channel many moons ago. The English dubbing wasn't that good. LOL! But the movie itself was very cool. I'll need to find it on Youtube some weekend and see if my memories of it are the same.

      Please point me to some of your work. I'm a life-long learner and I'd value hearing some of your work. It may take me some time to respond. But you have my word I will listen and have something constructive to offer if my 2 cent opinion can offer anything helpful. Have a good weekend, Patrick.

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