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Dear Composers' Forum Member: We just wanted to let you know about some of the changes and new features here at the Composers' Forum, and encourage you to log in, update your profile, and participate in some great discussions! UPDATE YOUR PROFILE If you haven't logged in for a while, we encourage you to update your profile. Make sure you have an image for an avatar, and consider uploading some of your music to your profile page. STATUS UPDATES Log in to and click on 'My Page' at the top. You will notice that you can now enter a status update near the top of your profile. So update it and let us know what's going on in your composing life! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS The Composers' Forum is free for any composer to join and we already have over one thousand members! If you really enjoy it, tell your composer friends about us! The more composers we have joined together, the more rich the experience for us all. BLOG IT OUT Many of our composers write regular blogs about how, what and why they compose. Some blogs are about the technology, some are about the philosophy or the artistry behind the music. It's amazing what you can learn from your fellow composers. We would love for you to write your own blog about composing, too! FORUMS Do you have a question about composing? Or about the business? How to find work? Or copyright your music? Look around our forums to see if it's been answered, and if not, post it! MUSIC DISSECTION This is where you get to be a critic! Listen to the track posted in the discussions and reply to it with your best praise or worst criticism. Get specific and offer solutions and improvements. Don't hold back! If you want to remain anonymous and post a track here, ask an admin to post it for you! CHAT We have a chat function on the main page. You don't even have to log in, just start typing and talk with your fellow composers immediately! Pop out the chat and keep it up for all day fun! LOGO CONTEST We are searching for a new look for the composers forum! We have 13 entries reay to be voted on, so sign in and go to the 'Poll' and vote for your favorite! WORLD'S LONGEST PIECE Sign up to be a part of the 'World's Longest Piece' a never-ending piece of music composed by many composers. Simply start in a registered key and tempo, compose what you want for the middle, then end in a registered key and tempo and your piece will be fit in to the whole! GROUPS We have 37 different groups so far, ranging from Orchestrators and Arrangers to Film Composers to Game Composers. Each group has its own discussions shared by its members. And the groups now set you to automatically 'follow' the discussions, meaning that you will be notified if someone posts something there. MEDIA You can upload your composing related pictures and video, too. There are already lots for you to check out. Pics of composers' studios and videos with music they scored! And the main page music player has a sampling of music from many of our members. INACTIVITY The admins will be going through and looking for inactive accounts and weeding them out. Just to be safe, log in to your account and leave a comment or post something, so we can see that you are still using your account! We work hard to keep this place full of healthy active accounts for the benefit of all of us! THANKS So thanks for reading! Now go log in and enjoy your new Composers' Forum! Chris Merritt Composers' Forum Network Creator

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  • OK Chris, will do. I've just had a bit of good news. There's a chance I'll be having my symphony performed on live instruments. I don't wanna say too much about it now though (I've never counted my chickens) in case it all falls through.


This reply was deleted.