You Are My All In All

Due to the Corona virus music directions have changed for me recently. I am tasked with the music at a local church which can no longer meet in person for awhile due to the virus. As an alternative I have been looking at ways to put together remote worship. 

Last week I simply played live in my studio and posted the video to the church web site. I took it a step further this week and decided to make more detailed mixes of the songs adding parts to them and hopefully I will put at least 3 of these songs together in a video with the words on the screen. This is the first of those this week with a composition around the song " You Are My All In All".

I sang a lead vocal and a harmony part, then added the mmmmmm sounds which were library samples. The piano and organ was played in and mixed as any recording studio would do. Hopefully I will get two more tunes in with a video.

The good news is I am working from home so I have more time to do this kind of thing.

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  • A most laudable effort, Tim.

    In context a hope-inspiring song very well done. Nice performance, nice production. Accomplished.

    Bests for completing the project. 

    Keep well....



  • Very well done Tim, well written, played, arranged, and sung. I like the blend of organ and piano, it is supportive and allows your lyrics to deliver their meaning which is encouraging to us in a difficult time, thank you!  The organ jumps out in a couple of places on my headphones, if that is not intentional you could either gently compress or automate your levels, a very minor point really.

  • Thank you Dane. I have the 1st video complete which I can post here. Haven't had the chance to put this one to video yet. The video is made for a song called " Soul On Fire". It seems to sound best on head phones or ear buds. The bass comes out better at louder volume ( on the video I'm posting). I had the idea to add strings to this because people on my violin forum were asking if I ever incorporated violin into any of the things I do. I could hear a cello and a violin solo in it so I added them.It isn't musically complex. More rhythmic in nature. Haven't decided on the last one yet. I thought maybe I could play Agnus-Dei   but there were a few others.

    Ingo, Many thanks for listening to this.I appreciate the mixing tips. It feels good to be doing some good in some way ;) There is reason for hope and encouragement! If not this time and place, certainly in another.

    Here is that completed video.I thought it sounded mid range heavy on my monitors. Sounded more balanced on my headphones.I trust them because they are tuned with Sonarworks. Maybe I need to look for something in between though.

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  • The completed 3 video collage. I am new to video production.  Video suggestions or composition suggestions welcome. I attempted to balance out the bass better in the 1st video. In using a faux monitor examples through IK ARC 2,  lesser systems like laptop speakers and smart phones  come across mid heavy. This would make sense because those systems don't really have any bass to speak of. The best experience seems to be on headphones.

    I wanted to give the last song more of a choral feel. As you know the "choir" can't pronounce words so I felt slightly limited in the composition there. I tried to place it as best I could. The ranges are a bit high for me in the chorus and I thought about dropping the key which is in A right now. Due to lack of time I couldn't do that. Most of the music under the melody works around a 5th of the tonic with parts going in and out here and there. There is always the chance that adding string sections can get muddy so this was a balancing act in the mix.I rolled off bass on some tracks so the real bass could shine more.

  • Really well done, Timothy. These are hard times for everyone around the world. Your initiative is without any doubt most welcome and deserves worldwide imitation.

    Keep it healthy!


  • Thank you Jos! 

    As you probably know there are many different subjects for worship music. When I select music, which is typically 5 songs per service I try to select at least one song directing us "up" That song is usually the first song. This song is at the beginning of the service.The next three songs are after clerical announcements and before the message. The last song is generally after the message and can either be a song of reflection or an upbeat song of praise. I try to understand the flow of the service and give the music context within it.

    My usual order might be something like the first two songs are directing us away from ourselves to reflect on the Almighty. This is comforting to know that the one we depend on is always more than capable and is always in control, though He doesn't stop men from doing what they want to do. This is commonly the theme of my first two songs since both begin a portion of the service. So these are "upward" songs. The other two songs are often "inward" songs. The songs that direct us to "us" and now we relate to "Him". It has been customary to to make the last song possibly a song of repentance or deep reflection. In reality, if the pastor was too long winded all people can think about is going home to lunch and getting that last song over with as fast as possible. I can tell by looking at the people how that's going to be. If the pastor went 10 minutes too long people are beginning to get restless. Lately we have been closing with a more upbeat lively worship song which seems to be working well.

    What I have done for this was sort of reversed from our typical order and I have two "inward" songs as the first ones with the "upward" song at the end.

  • Hi Tim,


    I am not brought up as Christian but still I find your music soothing and consoling.

    The level of prosody is noteworthy... Of course an other approach to prosody

    could be to sacrifice words partially in favor of the music itself.  I totally respect

    the role of Jesus in these difficult times.  Well done.

    If I may...

    Ali R+

  • Thank you Ali for comments and I appreciate those who comment that have entirely different background and may have no association with this type of music or serious interest. 

    I like the idea to bring the music out more and sacrifice the vocals occasionally. The vocals in this are a bit louder for sure and probably could have been lowered in volume.

    Thanks for comments.

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