• It sounds like you got caught in an ostinato loop. You found a groove that you like but now caught looping that groove. 

    Try working from the end then later bridging the gap. It will help you get more insight as to how to get out of that loop. 

  • Tom, you could abruptly bring the last section of ostinatos to a halt, contrast it with a quieter section for 8 bars with either  high woodwinds or a F horn(s) in the upper register, then build back to the intensity of the ostinato from first section. Keeping the listener on their toes, not expecting sudden changes like that is what makes a great experience for the audience.  This sounds like the possible making of a movie soundtrack.

    Anyway, sounds good and hope this helps you.  I find that when I get to the point of not knowing where to take things next, I'll call it a day and sleep on it!


  • you guys have given me a couple of ideas of what i should do next. thanks for the help i really appreciate it :D

  • Now write the greatest melody ever written on top of that dang ostinato!


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