Worlds Within Worlds

I started this January 1, 2011 as a string study. But, of course, I got carried away with the line and movement. I modeled Copeland's "Quiet City" (more in mood than in compositional technique.  However, my piece has several declamatory erruptions which break the mood of solitude. I will be taking this to our composing seminar tomrrow and thought you might like to hear what I came up with. Be forwarned, it is a 12 minute work.


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P.S. I promise to be more active this year.

Worlds Within Worlds.mp3

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  • Thank you for listening. This is in a set of music I call Orchestral Paintings. Each is different and presents different moods. In this one I am trying to paint the feeling of nature quiet, but sometimes energetic. I am glad you enjoyed the listen.

    Anne Goodwin said:
    I listened twice today to this lovely piece and so thought I would leave a brief comment.  I enjoyed the moods and the motion that you portrayed and elicited.  I find the piece to be an impressionistic one.  It holds together nicely and I can imagine enjoying Worlds Within Worlds either at a concert or even as film music for an epic story.  Worlds Within Worlds is very beautiful.  Thanks for the opportunity to listen to it.
  • Well, sorry no one liked this. It has changed. I have re-wroked it but won't post because of lack of interest.
  • I have been going toa Composer Seminar studying with Jeff Mumford. This piece, World Within Worlds has gone through a metamorphosis. This is the current version:


    Worlds Within Worlds_6.mp3

  • Thanks Ray, I disaggree, but I enjoy your comments. I am not in the business of "mixing". This is a composition. In a real orchestra the 'drone' as you put it, would be more subtle. I am concerned, compositionally with how the notes 'grow' above the bass note. This is what serves as the 'ground' from which the worlds grow in the composition. Yes, it is static, but it gives rise to all the activity above it. Should I post one without the 'drone' so you can hear the difference? (A rhetorical question.)


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  • I understand, but I take your comments as justifiable and they do make me think about my composition. This is exactly the kind of info I need from a listener. I wish I could give you a live performance to hear. The piece should sound more 'airy' and distant wit the bass as a distant roll of thunder. It is hard (at least for me) to get Finale or any DAW to do what real musicians can do. I take no offense at comments or criticsm (I am too old to let silly stuff beat up an ego I don't have.) I may be having a live performance of this piece later this year or next year (concert season year!) We'll see. If I do, I will post it.


    Please keep the comments coming, yu won't hurt my feelings. This is one of the 'sticky' points I have wit any forum, many read too much into too little...


    Thanks my friend,

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  • Well, I understand yur points and will look at the scoring. I am glad you enjoy the work. Maybe I will tone down the 'drone' as Ray calls it. To me, the piece is finished. But it never hurts to look and rethink, I've don that, but maybe a bit more introspectio is needed. Wish I had other points of view from forum members. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for the listens and keep in touch.


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