Hello all! So, I've been stuck in the house with the flu. In that time I've been trying to busy myself with some creative efforts. Today, I loaded FL Studio with the intention of making a "Siren's song" what came out of it is what's linked below! It's dark, a sort of slow burn of intensity with some beauty sprinkled in. I would love some feedback or thoughts on the song as it currently stands. In my mind I imagine it in a horror or suspense film. Hope you enjoy the listen!






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  • I would also like to add on here that everything you hear in this song was completely free and from Spitfire Audio's LABS line of free VST instruments!

  • Not my cup of tea, I have to admit. I tend to think of the Sirens more in line with Debussy's kind of seductive maidens! But of your work, even after 2 minutes it was labouring with the same 2 basic root notes in the bass. (G# and A?) There were moments of change but it soon reverted back to those two notes. I agree it would almost certainly fit a horror sequence of some kind.

    I can'f offer any technical feedback as you haven't included a score.

    An uneasy rather than 'enjoyable' listen.

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