I made this music after a track of mine called in her arms which is to say that when I'm away from my love I feel these things that you hear.

All feedback are greatly appreciated.


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  • This has such a great sound to it. I really love the underlying drums that keep the pacing feeling fast. Paired with the somber strings you feel a desparation to be, as you said in describing the song, back with the one you love.

    • Hi Lee

      Thanks for the feedack. It was a little hard mixing modern drums into classical music and I'm glad it's satisfactory

  • Nicely done hybrid combination of classical and drums.


    • Thanks
      it's Tiko drums mixed with hard rock drums mixed with Cinetools drums which shows how insecure I was about mixing action drums with classical :D

  • There's a lot to like here 8Rivers, you have a good melody, harmony and orchestration with some dramatic dynamics as well.  Drums work great with classical type music but I think you have a problem here with your sound production. It's kind of muddy and undefined, I can't really hear all the parts or the drums very well.  Sometimes we like to have an unclear wash of sound for whatever reason but I think a clear forceful sound would work better for this piece.

  • I'm inclined to agree with Ingo about the muddiness. However, the piece is so short I think you get away with it and in a way it felt part of the mood implied by the title.

    I liked the reprise on the piano - the simplicity of which amplifies the charm of the piece. I does seem full of longing (if that's what you were hoping to convey).

  • Let me know if I have taken too great a liberty here......but I added some EQ and a bit of compression to the tune. This brought up artifacts in your mix - and running through my equipment made that worse - but still, it brought out good things, too. Like.....I didn't realize that some of it is a nicely blended synthesizer, yes?

    This is hosted on my Soundcloud page but is private. The public can't see it. I will remove this from here immediately if you say so.


      • With respect, I wouldn't break out things like side-chaining. This just needs basic EQ. Up a few db at 2500 - 3500. May still need a touch more 5000 and/or some 8000 (for "air").

        Scoop out some 200-300 - thats where the mud lives. And/or simply roll off all the other instruments (on their own buss) - maybe 500 on down taken out with a hi pass filter. This creates an empty space for the low drums to live in.

        If this affects the drums too much (less powerful), send them off on their own buss. Still they will need some 5000 to hear the mallets hit the skins.

        "Angry" is fine but "muddy" is a bad thing. I think you mean powerful. Right now the drums have had a mattress thrown over them, so to speak. They are smothered. Good ol' EQ can make them powerful.


        • Man you were right!

          sidechain is for EDM and Trance and it was useless here

          I did what you said about scooping out 200-300 and the result was sublime.

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