• Hi Artur,

    You've been on this board for a while and have posted several pieces. I myself have commented on one of them. But I cannot recall ever seeing you reply to or comment on anyone else's post. I hope you'll consider doing this. This board is a community that thrives best when people comment on or offer critique of others, not just post their own stuff. If I'm mistaken and you have commented on other's posts, ignore this message.

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    • Hello Gavin, Yes. I listen to a lot and enjoy the creativity of forum members, unfortunately I don't have such a lot of experience to criticize someone's music in a reasoned way. Of course, I will comment more, thank you.

  • Hi Artur. I liked the music, although I don't have winter in my place, I still can feel the warmth from it. The vibe is just nice, and I really like the piano accompaniment. Feel jazzy and stuff. Is the female vocal came from a real recording or sampled? Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Sam, thank you, glad you liked it, yes, the vocals were recorded by a professional singer (my friend) in the studio. Yave a wonderful rest of the week!

  • Clearly a polished and professional mainstream jazz piece, both vocally and instrumentally, but I felt the vocal should have been more foregrounded -- it seemed to get lost.   Maybe the howling wind should have been kept to an introduction and a few interludes, with it coming back strongly for an ending.

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