• Hi Joe,   Thanks for the 'Hallmark Moment'    nicely done   RS

  • Joe,

         You captured the mood, sweet and a little meloncholy.  It's a little short to develope a theme, but sometimes short is good, especially short winters.


  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the positive feedback :)

    Lawrence, it's only the first part of many smaller works but with similar thematic material going through all the pieces, thats where the development will come in.

    Many Thanks Again,


  • Hi Joe. Thanks for sharing this piece: beautifully simple and really evokes a gentle feel of settling snowflakes.

    I'm not a huge fan of the instrument you begin the piece with, particularly when it's so dominant, but when it's more in the background and the strings take centre stage, I love it. In particular, it's perfect for me from 1:27 on: I would edit it to start with this... but that might be my "pop" side coming through ;)

  • Hi Arun,

    Thanks for the kind words, As for the instrument at the beginning I've taken out some of the high frequencies and turned it down in the mix so its not as prominent in the mix now.

    Thanks for listening,


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