Windows Media Player SMPTE trigger?

This is way out there, but....


Does anyone know of a plug-in or software that will send SMPTE to Windows Media Player?  I know version 9 accomodated SMPTE time code in version 9, so it's possible.  Whether or not something like that actually exists?

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  • Chris, that's a fair question. Yes I get how to sync video to a sequencer. I used the demo version of Vegas Editor to sync the track to a clip from Nosferatu. (which you can go see on m page! Noob struggles with new Giga rig agains a deadline. yikes.)

    My objective is to have Windows media player chase SMPTE or MTC for DVD's actually playing in the DVD drive. This is so I can play around with scoring real movies, which I cannot - or at least should not - record to a file. i.e. - I would like to develop some cues for Million Dollar Baby, as an excercise. Pop in the DVD, sync the player to SMPTE/MTC, hit "play" in my sequencer and it all runs. (Gee, I should go into marketing, that was a good "point and click" bark, huh?)


    Chris Alpiar said:
    You want to go DIRECT from a SMPTE hardware device to Windows Media only? I dont know how you normally work and your level of experience and if you are looking for a freakish kind of thing on purpose or if you are missing an easier way to do it?

    Pardon me if I am presumptuous, its not my intent; but usually I am working inside a DAW (I use Digital Performer or Cubase). The DAW will have a means to import a video or lock to an external SMPTE lock or sync to a Firewire device (like a DV machine). So usually I get the video, and if its Windows Media, first thing I do is (usually) convert it to quicktime with a codec that is good for working with my system (a lot of trial and error has left me using a few self created presets), then I import it to my project in my DAW, and then line up the beginning of the video with the timeline according to the timecode given.

    If this is all real obvious to you, then can you explain why you would need to sync an external SMPTE to Windows Media directly? What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Windows Media Midi Sync Link

    Hi Michael, Follow the link above to find out more about syncing Midi with Windows Media Player 10. Hope it helps. Cheers
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