Wind Quintet No. 1

Hi there,

My last work Wind Quintet No. 1 v2022 is published on internet worldwide.

I had written the original version when I was a student of İlhan Usmanbaş(1989).

The current version is proofread and there are substantial dynamics changes.

I used Finale and Note Performer.

Any comments are welcome.



Wind Quintet No 1_v2022.pdf

Wind Quintet No 1_v2022 concert pitch.pdf

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  •  Hi, Ali, and a Happy New Year to you!

    An intriguing and enjoyable work. I was looking through the score for some kind of serial structure but didn’t find one. However, you really take advantage of the development potential of your motifs, that’s apparent through to the end with its closing phrase an adaptation of the opening bars. There are too many examples to quote but sometimes it’s about polyphony, sometimes about passing a fragment between the different instruments as if they’re in dialogue, sometimes a tutti. The changes in tempo (and mood) seem natural. The change at bar 118 (around the 4’12” mark) is lyrical and cantabile, right through the following Lento section. 

    Thank you for the well-detailed score.  I couldn’t see any technical problems other than needing a very good quintet to play it. Horn players who can do the whole range that you ask for are pretty rare. The rendering could possibly do with the Flute a little louder. At times it seemed to get lost in spite of the dynamics you've asked for.

    If I may say so this is an accomplished work once more showing how you can blend various “styles” together into a cohesive whole. But then, having listened to your works for a while now I’ve encountered you in lyrical tonal songs through to the outright atonal via serial work.

    A pleasant listen. Well, several listens to look at bits of the score!

    All the best,


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