Wind Quintet in C

This work is intended for a local competition to my home, the Isle of Man; however we will have to see whether it goes ahead with the recent lock down we have entered due to Covid-19. Even so, the extra time at home means more time to composition!

It has taken some time to complete, and it is still not quite there in my opinion. I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb at least 4 times now.

I will be intrigued what the general impression of this is. I appreciate not everyone is as interested in classical pastiche as I. I hope that it at least pleasant on the ears.

Best wishes


First Movement FINAL.mp3

Second Movement FINAL.mp3

Third Movement Final.mp3

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  • First%20Movement%20FINAL.pdf


  • Delightful and Mozartean!

  • "Delightful and Mozartean" - these are indeed the proper names to express the beauty of your wind quartett! Also I enjoyed how well instrumented you composed this - Thank you!

  • Yes, along with others, Markus, I enjoyed listening to this work. Coming from a more modern approach I had to hide my personal aims in writing for winds; and as far as I recognise classical writing it seems coherent and well structured, proportionally balanced, easy and pleasant to listen to, the outer movements full of energy.

    Congrats on putting an extended work like this together. 

    (PS, I recently posted my restoration of Mozart's 42nd Symphony - the manuscript came to light stuffed down the back of a sofa. It didn't go down at all well here. Mozart fans don't have a sense of humour...!!!)

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