In A Lake - Life! Snow is Falling: A twopart Wind Quartet! This wind quartet reminds me a little of the music in the Legend of Zelda series. I tried to really employ the colors of the different instruments to get a really full sound and exotic images in my head. The music focuses on "visual" sounds, and also has a very interwoven texture (that is somewhat reminiscent of early church composers), so I titled the movements with impressionistic descriptions of what I saw when hearing it. First movement: This movement has a lot of bubbly, quick notes that as well as fluttering that conjures up the image of moving water. Additionally, the piece on polyrhythms and changes in rhythmic feel between 3/4, 6/8 and 4/4 frequently to have a more organic, fluid rhythm. Voices float in and out and there are semi-canonic sections that reflects the overwhelming diversity of life moving around in a lake. For the second movement: This movement is less polyphonic than the previous movement, although it still has the sense of a slight blur between accompaniment and melody to create a more organic, life-wielding scenery. The dark jazzier section in the middle reminds me a lot of the howling, biting wind of the winter, as well as the solitude of winter, with spring coming forth, represented by the metaphor of the rising of an abstract "jazz" in the composition.

wind quartet - in a lake (final).mp3

snow is falling.mp3

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