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My latest soundtrack demo for a western movie.

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i have an issue with the guitar bends at the end of each phrase. it's synth guitar huh? i'd recommend not using a bend, but just using the note you want to bend up to... without having it bend up from another note. Apart from that the piece is quite good, excellent string sounds, and percussion. the brass theme is ok... could be more "catchy" also the change into the staccato strings and brass with the bend guitar seems a bit out of place to me. but hey, thats just my opinion. go listen to some morricone!
Enjoyed listening to your music. liked how the piece moved though the different phases.I also liked the guitar bends personally, I think it worked here.nice.
Very, very nice! Loved the main theme. For me, the guitar bends made the theme what it was - sad but powerful. The second part, when it became more intense was great. I liked how it changed just like that, could easily fit a scene change. Didn't really like the last 2:00. But other than that, the piece is really good. Great job.

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