Today I'm glad to post the result of a long work. The White symphony was composed by Alexander Lavrov in 2005 and as far as I know it took two years to complete. During another long year 2012 I was setting up EWQLSO library for all the instruments. That time I couldn't reach new, more sophisticated libraries. Anyway, in some parts of the symphony this library sounds very realistic to me.

I must admit that working with this symphony was very interesting and definitely helped me develop some sampling techniques, that I am still using. I think, you can hear this difference in sound between the first and the last parts.

Some americans say that this symphony has something russian in it. Also you can hear some elements of rock in it.

Video was created by Anna Shiriaeva


Symphony consists of six parts, each is a separate youtube video:

Information about Alexander Lavrov:

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  • Hi Alexey,

    I saw you mentioning in the chatbox that you wanted feedback on this piece, but I'm not sure I understand exactly what it is you're looking for.  Since this symphony is apparently composed by somebody else (Alexander Lavrov), and the video was done by another person, what was your role? Is it just that you sequenced the entire symphony?  If so, what kind of feedback would you like? The quality of your sequencing?  It's a bit odd that you posted this in music analysis and critique, since I don't think critique of the music itself would be that interesting to you, since you are not the composer.

    Please clarify. Thanks!

  • Hi! My work in this project was to sequence the symphony. I will be glad to hear some feedback.

    If you write something about the score, I can send it to the composer.

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