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A piece in my typical style ;)

Striving to imitate the howling whirlwind.

Here is the musescore link:

The youtube link:

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Had this piece now performed in a live version.

The youtube link:

Really good. 
Bravo to both the Composer and the Performer.

Hello Jan-Frederik,
When clicking your link, I always get the message that the page cannot be found.

Thank you very much, Fabio!

Hello Geert,

sorry, the link was old, I have updated it now.

The new Musescore link:


Kind regards,


Wow, Jan, I this is truely a whirlwind! I love it! How long did it take you to write it (and how long that you were able to play it ;-) ) ?


Hello Gerd,

I think I needed some time to write it - perhaps 3 weeks or so, don't remember exactly. I did not play it, it is beyond my pianistic capabilities ;) The performer is Nemanja Egeric.

Kind regards,


Hello Jan, 

Although it is more modern, I find something rather Chopinesque in this piece, particularly in the first section. This is meant as a compliment, since I consider Chopin to be the first composer who really discoverd the essence of the piano.

In my opinion the piece would win in perfection if the middle section were a bit longer and have more melody, for contrast, or, another option, just be a musical "standstill", kind of being in the quiet centre of the whirlwind.

Just my first thoughts and associations.


Hello Geert, thank you very much for the Chopin compliment!

Probably you put your finger on a weak spot here. Indeed I wanted to create some "pause in the center of the storm", which would also allow to get to some ABA structure (which Alireza already pointed out). But probably I have handled this part a little too carelessly. Honestly speaking, I did not fully know what to do here - the part should neither become too long nor too short. Difficult. I will reconsider this.

Kind regards and thank you,


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