Another of my songs from Shakespeare, this one from The Tempest.  Score display and audio file (generated with software as a demo, using choral ah voices even though the piece is for solo voice) at MuseScore While you here do snoring lie for solo tenor.

In this piece I've tried to arrange the note spellings for readability according to rules I've found on line and especially in Gould's Behind Bars, but I probably only half understand what I'm doing. If I do understand, the idea is to use enharmonic spellings to try to make sequential note intervals look like major, minor, and perfect intervals and not like augmented or diminished ones.  If any singers reading this want to comment on this, I'd be grateful, and there may be other members of this forum who would also be interested in sucn comments.  It might be convenient for anyone who wants to comment on this aspect of the score to offer a sample of it here:




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