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Hello everyone,

I've been on fiverr.com making $5 per song or from engineering sounds for clients since May 2011. I'm obviously not able to make a living from composing, but I was wondering if it's possible for me to make an extra $500 a month doing this somehow? Here's my link to some of the things I've done so far:


My question is, is it really possible to make an extra income beyond $5 a song? I've never heard of anyone who's done more than this, but I hear about it off and on anyway. It doesn't seem like anyone's really willing to pay more than $5 for a song these days so I was wondering if anyone knows what I'm apparently not seeing or haven't been seeing as to being able to make a nice "part-time job" out of this sort of thing.

Thank you much


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  • You certainly can make more than 5$. You can start using Audiosparx.com for example. Upload your material and start fishing. I would recommend you check out what's popular on their site and try to go for that genre for starters. The more music you have there for sale, the more chance you have to be spotted. Selling royalty free music over the net is half of my income right now, and it's possible to reach more. You gotta provide a high quality stuff though. Straight to the point musical pieces with a good audio mix

  • Ah ha! Thank you!

    Now how all does this sort of thing work?

  • Well, you have to read about being a contributor at Audiosparx

    Read about the rules, music standards, how to upload, to sort and such...

    It's free to register and you'll receive 40% of the sale, I think.

    The materials I heard on your link won't do so well out there, by the way. You'll have to come up with something more hi fi, mixed better and recorded with better synths or samplers. The standards are growing each day as more and more musicians are drawn to these royalty free music platforms

  • Hmmm... more hifi? Mixed better? Is that all I really need, just a better "studio".... or go back to learning music composition on top of all of it?

    Thank you, by the way, for this data!

  • Well, studying composition will always give you an advantage. But I also think that to create you need a talent and good taste. And that is something that no one will teach you. I've studied piano playing for 10 years and a bit a music theory, but never composition. Composing music was something that I've always done. After studying sound engineering I've gained tools how to make my ideas sound better. 

    It's like to paint something really good on a really dirty peace of cloth with holes in it and put it in a broken ugly frame. Do you follow me?

  • Yeah, I follow that I'm really no good at this. I just got declined by audiosparx... they didn't really even give me any valid explanation as to what I'm doing wrong, just that I need to sound "better than the top artists there since they want new stuff..." Ok, it's like what do you mean by "better"? I'm using 32nd notes and various chords with no clashes or anything like that......

    Well, I do thank you for your honesty... looks like it's $5 a song for me from here on in.

  • Well not exactly. There are other websites like Productiontrax for example. I'm not sure they even check out your stuff at registration. And you get to set up your price. That might be a good start. 

    You can also put your music on soundcloud and sell through them. Though it's only 1$ per track, it's exposure. 

    You can also invest in some top gear VST's like EASTWEST. Check out there website. That got some amazing stuff

  • Ok then, productiontrax will be my next one. Soundcloud afterwards... thanks again!

  • Hello,

    I haven't been here in a while but I'm still looking to take my stuff to higher levels of income other then through fiverr.com (for anyone who remembers me from months ago).

    There are literally MILLIONS of songs on all of these royalty-free URLs and if one is going to make a substantial cash flow from any of them, I would only imagine that advertising would be the most logical route. But the question is, how does one do such?

    I'm not fond of youtube.com, twitter or facebook being a legitimate way since you need traffic going to those sites just to you get traffic to the royalty-free ones... I'm trying to cut out the middle man.

    I do like the idea of keywords for google as well as search engine optimization, but the people who show you that stuff use terms and jargon that make no sense to me at all where it just goes way over my head.

    Is there any way you know of as to how I can get traffic to my "channel" on any given royalty-free site where the cost is minimal to none?

    Thank you much

  • I don't think you should rule out youtube.com, twitter, facebook and myspace. Today these are basically some of the most used ways to get exposure and traffic. If you do a little research of the top sellers at the royalty free sites you will learn that most of them are all over the place.

    What I'm doing is betting on all fronts, the more places you're are the more chances you have of being successful in selling your music. It does not take a lot of time to for example make a youtube video with your music and a link to your own site, why not do it.

    You could also look at pond5 and revostock here I have success selling my music. If you don't get accepted to the royalty free libraries you know where your focus should be - improving your skills as an composer / producer.


    And if the quality is right people will pay much more than $5 for a piece of music. I'm selling some of my tracks royalty free for $60.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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