Hello Colleagues,

Here is a performance of a work I posted here in parts before. It's called Where the Animals Live, and is in 3 parts, In the Jungle, In the Air, and in the Water. This was performed by the Patagonia Winds at the Baltimore Composers Forum Whirling Winds Concert on 11/24/2109. If there is interest, I will post the scores (minus the last pages, as this is a commercial work). Comments as always invited -


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  • I love writing for and listening to winds and this is wonderful stuff.  This piece, and others Ive heard from you, has a lightness (as in deft and sprightly) without being trite.  The first section in particular caught my attention, specifically the melody that gets introduced at :42 - love the accompaniment provided by the oboe on the downbeats. Congratulations as well on the live performance! 

  • Thanks T.T.,

    Lightness is what I was striving for, so glad that came across to you! Somehow the alternating beats between the Oboe and Clarinet seemed to fit that idea, and the whole first piece came from just those two notes. Appreciate your comments!


  • Congratulations on getting your work performed Gav!

    This all has a very pleasant feel to it. 

  • Thanks Timothy!

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