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In the past 3 days, I have started to compose around 7 songs that I
believe will help me move on to the next step of, what I refer to, the
"Stairs Of Influence"

I have no clue where all these musical ideas are coming from, but I am certainly not complaining.

I write music to because I enjoy it, but I my purpose for writing is to influence my fellow man; to invoke an emotion. Any emotion is fine.

They are definitely WIPs, but I am always willing to hear tips on how to better them. Thank you.

Also, let's add a bit more to this: Where do your musical ideas come from? Or, what makes you feel as though you should write music at all?

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I believe that i too write to bring out emotions in other people, i really like your piece I am not a monsters. I really like the title of your second piece, destined for nothing. Just the title brings emotions up to the surface.
Compelling. Finish one of them. I want to hear a final product.

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