Where did the money come from?


As a classically trained composer and a folk music artist, this is a rather bizarre experiment. The track, entitled "Where did the money come from?" sums up many of my impressions of house music, synthpop, new wave etc.

The news reporter speech (in Estonian) is about housing for the homeless during Christmas and New Year's Eve. And the next excerpts are from multi-millionaires who complain about their enormous wealth: "You haven't been in a situation where you have so much many you don't know what to do with it, you burn it, throw it away, but the wealth keeps growing!" and "How am I supposed to feel, when I go to my bank and the director comes to meet me and says all my 50 accounts are full!"

I used a cheap synthesizer and a MIDI-keyboard, recorded it with the digital audio workstation Cubase.

I'd like to hear your overall impression on the track, and maybe which influences you can detect. Critique on structure and density is also very welcome.

I'm also trying to go through as many compositions I find in this amazing forum and provide feedback. After all that's how I improve my skills in expressing my thoughts on music which really isn't something people are born with. 

Happy New Year!


Kust see raha tuli orig old qualityy.mp3

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  • This is on the right direction but still needs work soundwise. The noise sample at the start can be made into a rythmic part through echo and chopping effects. I don't like how it ends abruptly.
    The lead sound works but could be better. The baseline is nice, however it doesn't leave much room to the kick. Top that with a full sounding pad and the result comes out as muddy, stripping the "boom" from the track. Change that pad sound, I think it is the worse of them all.
    Other things to try is adding compression and limiting on the master (after that second transition you have a few ear piercing peaks), making a rythmic version of that bass line or introducing a new, lighter sound to fill in the gap.
    Sidechain the pad with the kick to get that characteristic house "breathing" feel or go for a trancegate effect instead.
    I liked your drum part and that echoing snare really makes for an interesting atmosphere. The "absurd" part is great but not mixed properly. You could remix the whole thing using all your current material and make it 1 - 2 minutes longer, personally I think it's appropriate.
    Just to be clear, sustained, full sound is totally ok to utilize, but too much of it will break an otherwise good and interesting work.
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