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 A decidedly Celtic mood piece I just made. Comments welcome.

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Timothy, this is the first time I have had a chance to listen to any of your music. I loved it; it is very evocative of the title theme. I promptly got lost in your soundcloud, and found that I enjoyed everything I listened to there. In my opinion, you have a firm mastery of the Celtic new-agey style of music. Thanks for sharing this!

Great sounds and texture Tim, very enjoyable.  Good to see you back on the forum, hope all is well with you and best wishes for the holidays and the new year.

Very nice, Timothy,

Interesting instrumentation. Though the harmony doesn't vary enormously it's carried through by the interplay of instruments. I love the brightness of tone. It lets a lot of light through.

Excellent production.

Bests for the holidays...


Hi Timothy,

A well-produced Celtic/DAW piece that fits in with other pieces of the same type I have heard -

Thanks for posting,


Very pleasant tune, a touch of the mystical and mysterious , well done.

Hello Saul, How was your holiday? Thanks for comments and listening.

Saul Gefen said:

Very pleasant tune, a touch of the mystical and mysterious , well done.

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