When that I was and a little tiny boy from Twelfth Night. This is one of the compositions intended for my proposed book of songs from Shakespeare's plays for use in performances, which I'm creating in hopes there will be a demand for them, since Shakespeare remains popular. If anyone reading this knows of any theatrical company, at any level from school drama classes to professional companies or anything in between, who may be interested in such songs, please let me know.

The score posted here is a cappella; I assume it would be fairly easy to improvise an accompaniment with guitar, mandoline, or piano.  I may post a score with suggested guitar chords later.  I've composed this in a C major pentatonic scale, which I thought would give the melody a gently wistful mood appropriate to a song sung by a clown about how life sucks.

Score display and audio file (generated with software, using choral ahs for vocal even though the vocal is supposed to be solo) available at MuseScore When that I was and a little tiny boy.

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  • Hi Jon,

    A perfectly serviceable melody and the overall sound seems to fit the material. It is so short and since there is no harmony, it is hard to say more than that, other than I think you achieved the goal you were aiming for in the piece. Thanks for letting us have a listen!


    • Thanks for the comment.  One reason I deliberately kept it simple is that since it's intended to be used for performance of the play, it's particularly important not to let the music obscure the words.  Another reason is that I wanted it to be potentially useful to theater performances at all levels, even high school drama classes.

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